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My Little Pony 5e Race Homebrew

Ponies- Exotic Race
Ponies are an intelligent equine race of fey creatures originally from the world of Equus. They are fragile and naive, but they are bound by destiny to greatness and have a connection to the natural magic of the world unmatched by any other race.
Natural Magic
All ponies posses some sort of magic, explicit or not. How it exactly manifests is dependant on the individual and, to a lesser degree, upon the exact subrace. Ponies feel a strong connection to the magic that flows through Equus, a connection only they possess. Away from their home plane, Ponies do not lose their magic, but they can sense this loss of connection and most common ponies would be set ill at ease. Adventuring types are more hardy, but still suffer from a longing to return to their rightful home.
Harmony as culture
Ponies are quick to make friends, and quick to compromise, slow to anger and generally pure of intention and heart. They see themselves as guardians of the concept of Harmony, and strive toward that ideal. Even the most greedy and vicious pony is sure to have started down a path paved with nothing but good intentions.
Destiny Bound
Ponies are branded by destiny on their flanks with a symbol of great significance to the individual. This ‘Cutie Mark’ is one of the hallmarks of the race, and the culture of harmony and destiny is built on the basis of this physical mark and the fate it signifies. It is the main way that magic flows through the pony, and due to their destiny many common ponies supernaturally talented.

Pony Traits
Ability Score modifiers
Ponies are fragile and naive compared to most humanoids, but are strong in character. See the subraces for exact ability modifiers.
Ponies generally live to about 70 years, and are adults by age 12, or whenever they receive their Cutie Mark.
Ponies tend to the Good alignments, but this is far from universal.
Ponies are Medium size four legged creatures, standing about 3 feet tall at the shoulder.
Being four legged has some advantages; the base speed of a pony is 40 feet.
Destiny Bound
Ponies have a destiny emblazoned on their flank. Take a feat of your choice.
Variant Rule: Instead, ponies have their Proficiency bonus start at +4. It increases as normal for your class.
Ponies do not posses the dexterous digits most humanoids use for so many tasks, instead they use their mouth for most manipulation. Their mouth is considered one hand for most intents and purposes. Somatic spells may use hooves instead.
Ponies speak Equish and Common. Equish is a simple language of typical equine noises. Many other races can learn to read and understand it, but few have the vocal cords, or desire, to properly speak it. Especially since ponies usually make the effort to learn the local language.
Ponies have normal vision and senses.
Ponies mostly eat plants. Some have come to enjoy meat as a delicacy, but in general this is frowned upon.

There are three common pony subraces. Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns. There are also less common subraces that are practically non-existent outside of Equus or were born of ponies in other realms. These include Crystal ponies, Bat Ponies, Moth Ponies, and possibly Changelings. Finally there are Alicorns, with the strengths of all the common subraces, but they are so rare as to number in the single digits. They typically are held as demigod-rulers of Pony states, but most Alicorns deny their own divinity.
Earth Ponies
Earth ponies may seem like the least magical of all ponies, and are truly the most common, but they are every bit as attuned to the magic of Equus as any other pony. They are adaptable and merry folk, but are firm believers in hard work.
Ability Score Modifier.
Earth ponies are physically strong. They get +1 CON, -1 WIS, +1 STR, +2 CHA. This replaces the -1 CON.
Variant Rule: Earth Ponies get +1 STR, +1 CON, and +1 CHA
Earth ponies are adaptable to most situations, and have various backgrounds and widely varied childhoods. Choose one martial Weapon, and one tool set to gain proficiency in. Pick any one skill to be trained in. Variant Rule: In addition, Earth Ponies are proficient in unarmed strikes.
Earth Ponies have advantage on STR saving throws to be knocked prone.
Earth ponies have long lasting family names based on professions of their ancestors. Typically related families have related names, such as the Apple clan and the Pie clan.
Unicorn Ponies
Unicorns are the most obviously magical of the common types of pony, and are generally studious and reserved. But do not mistake them for the haughty and arrogant elves, they are as gregarious as any other pony.
Ability Score Modifier
Unicorns are mentally gifted. They get +1 WIS, -1 CON, +2 CHA and +1 INT. This replaces the -1 WIS.
Variant Rule: Unicorns get +1 INT +1 WIS and +1 CHA
Unicorns are trained in Arcana, History or Religion due to the studies they dedicate their childhood to. If they have above 10 INT, they also know one additional Language. Variant Rule: Instead, take any cantrip from the Wizard class list. Use INT for it’s spell casting ability.
Explicit Magic
Unicorns gain the Horn Hand cantrip.
Unicorn names tend to be esoteric and expressive, and are commonly high level concepts or ideals the parents hold in high regard.
Pegasus Ponies
Pegasi are athletic and gifted with the freedom of flight. They love friendly competition and can be playful and mischievous. But like all ponies, they’re a harmonious group and never want to see a contest turn to a bitter feud. They posses a natural affinity for weather and the clouds, and back on Equus highly trained pegasi controlled the weather. Pegasi value freedom and love soaring high in the sky.
Ability Score Modifier.
Pegasi get -1 CON, -1 WIS and +2 CHA.
Variant Rule: Pegasi get +1 CHA
Pegasi undergo a lot of physical training in childhood. Choose training in Athletics, Acrobatics or Stealth.
Pegasi can fly with their undersized wings. Their innate magic allows them a flying speed of 40 feet.
Pegasi treat clouds as if they were solid objects. They can sit or stand on them or push them around the sky. In Equus they can coax rain out of any cloud, as in the spell “create water.” Only those with this racial trait may take the feat Weather Control.
Pegasus names tend to be descriptive and utilitarian. They are usually given after birth, unlike most ponies, often based on skills exhibited in Flight school. Pegasi also have a matronymic, but rarely use it.

Uncommon Subraces
Bat Ponies
Bat ponies are dark looking relatives of Pegasi with bat like wings, ears and eyes. They can also fly and cloudwalk, though are far more comfortable near the ground.
Ability Score Modifier.
Bat ponies get -1 WIS,+1 DEX, -1 CON and +2 CHA
Variant Rule: Bat Ponies get +2 CHA
Bat Ponies are usually raised in forest villages in Equus, but many hail from cave towns. They often deal with more hostile cave creatures and have come to learn how best to overcome them through guile and wit.
Gain training in Stealth and Perception.
Keen Senses.
Bat Ponies have keen hearing and darkvision. They gain advantage on any perception check that relies on hearing.
Bat Ponies can fly, but are not as adept at it as Pegasi. Bat Ponies have a flying speed of 30 feet.
Lesser Cloudwalking
Bat Ponies can treat clouds as solid ground and move them around. They can also take the Weather Control feat, but have no innate ability with weather.
Crystal Ponies
Crystal Ponies are denizens of the far north of Equus. They lived in a splendorous Crystal Empire that only recently re-emerged. They are Earth Pony relatives and thus share much with their more common sister subrace, but they differ greatly in appearance. Their coats and manes shine like gemstones and are almost as hard, but under that hard shell are a broken race. Long kept in slavery, they still bear a mental scar from that ordeal.
Ability Modifier.
Crystal Ponies are hardy folk. They gain +2 CON, -1 WIS, +2 CHA. This replaces the -1 CON
Variant Rule: Crystal Ponies get +2 CON +1 CHA.
Nearly as adaptable as their common sisters, Crystal ponies gain training in one skill of their choice, one tool proficiency and one melee martial weapon proficiency.
Hard But Brittle
Crystal Ponies have natural armor that gives them an innate +2 AC, but are vulnerable to Psychic damage. Variant Rule: Instead Crystal ponies have advantage on saving throws for STR and CON and are resistant to Slashing and Piercing damage. However they are vulnerable to Psychic, Thunder and Force damage.
Broken Psyches
After spending nearly a millennia under the control of King Sombra, the Crystal Ponies are weary of Enchantment spells, and for good reason. When casting or being targeted by an enchantment spell the Crystal Pony is at disadvantage.
Hailing from the inner deserts of Equus, the Zebra are a mysterious subrace that seems to be related to ponies, though no one is sure. Certainly they are further removed than the others from the family tree. They are a secretive and somewhat primitive race, and few travel far from their homeland, even fewer dare leave Equus. Still, they have some form of Cutie Mark, and thus must be ponies, though their serious demeanor betrays no relation.
Ability Modifier.
Zebras are world weary and suspicious, and lack the social understanding of most ponies. But they are fonts of wisdom. -1 CON -1 CHA, +2 WIS. This replaces the +2 CHA and -1 WIS.
Variant Rule: Zebra get +2 WIS
Life in the desert is tough and demands knowledge of poisons and potions for any who live there. Gain training in Survival, and proficiency with potion and poison maker’s tools.
Zebras speak Equish, Zebrican and Common. Variant Rule: When speaking in Common the Zebra MUST speak in verse.
Alchemic Adaptation
While many Zebras are masters of crafting potions, nearly all are attuned to their use. Potions a Zebra drinks last twice as long, and Zebras get advantage on CON saving throws against poisons.
One with nature
Choose one cantrip from the Druid list. Use WIS as the spell casting ability for this spell.

Other Races of Equus

Ability Modifier
Changelings have -1 CON, +1 DEX +1 CHA
Variant Rule: +1 CHA
Changeling Drones are adults in 2 days. They live up to 15 years.
Drones are about 3 feet tall, Medium.
40 ft.
Changelings are poor flyers, but can fly at a speed of 20 ft naturally. If their “alter self” spell is mimicking a flying race, then their flight speed becomes that race’s flight speed instead.
Changelings have darkvision.
Drones speak Common and Equish
Natural Mimicry
Changelings can cast Alter Self on themselves once per short rest as a bonus action. At every third level they can cast it an additional time per short rest.
Emotion Drain
Changelings feed on emotions, and do so with the cantrip Emotion Drain. A successful use of this cantrip on a target is enough to feed the Changeling for a day.
Griffons are a harsh but noble race, half Big Cat, half Bird of Prey. They hail from the eastern mountain tops of Equus and are far more war-like than the ponies they have all too often come into conflict with. But in recent times the Ponies and Griffons are steadfast friends and allies, recognizing the value of sharing the world peaceably. They tend to the neutral alignments, being self interested at worst, but are prone to fits of greed.
Ability modifiers
Griffons are gruff, but physically fit -1 CHA +2 DEX +1 STR
Variant rule: +1 STR +1 DEX
Griffons reach adulthood at around 8 years and live to around 90.
They are about 4 feet at the shoulder. Medium.
30 ft land. 40 ft if moving on all fours, but talons must be free.
Griffons raptor half gives them huge wings and they fly without magical assistance.
Lesser Cloudwalker
Griffons can treat clouds as solid ground and move them around. They can also take the Weather Control feat, but have no innate ability with weather.
Griffons have Darksight and get advantage on any perception checks that deal with sight.
Griffons speak Griffin and Common
Obligate Carnivore
Griffons need to eat meat to survive, to the dismay of the herbivorous ponies.
Warrior Tradition
Griffons are proficient with Spears, Glaives, Halberds, Lances, Light armor and Shields

Spells and Feats (WIP)

Horn Hand
Conjuration cantrip
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: 10 feet
Components: Horn required
Duration: 1 minute
A spectral, floating aura appears at a point you choose within range. The aura lasts for the duration or until you dismiss it as a bonus action. The aura vanishes if it is ever more than 10 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again.
You can use your bonus action to control the aura. You can use the aura to manipulate an object, open an unlocked door or container, stow or retrieve an item from an open container, or pour the contents out of a vial. In short anything humanoid hands can do. Any skill checks that would use DEX instead use INT (or whatever your main class’s spell casting ability is WIS or CHA.) You can move the aura up to 30 feet each time you use it and can split it into smaller auras (one split at a time) as to perform several tasks at once. The aura can't activate magic items, or carry more than 50 pounds in total. You can attack with the non split aura only, and use INT (or WIS or CHA if this is your main class’s spell casting ability) for the attack and damage bonus.
Emotion Drain
Necromancy Cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 10 ft
Components: S
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes
You attempt drain an emotion from the target. They make a CON saving throw to avoid all damage. The effects depend on what emotion is drained.
Love: 1d4 psychic damage 1d4 necrotic damage, caster gains same amount of HP
Anger: 1d6 psychic damage. Does the same damage to CHA, which is regained upon a long rest.
Happiness: 1d8 Psychic damage, caster gains same amount of HP
Sadness: 1d6 psychic damage. Does the same damage to WIS, regained upon long rest
Hope: 2d4 psychic damage. CON save only halves damage
Despair: 1d6 necrotic damage. Does same damage to INT, regained upon long rest

Weather Control (feat)
Prerequisite: Cloudwalker or lesser Cloudwalker Racial trait
You have trained and studied with the Pegasi masters to become a weather pony. You gain the following benefits. You can coax rain from any cloud, on Equus or not, and can use your action to cast the spells listed when your total levels are equal to the double the level of the spell plus one. The cloud is used as all components of the spell and any spell that destroys its material components also destroys the cloud. Use CHA as the Spell casting ability for these spells cast in this manner.
Thunderclap, Thunderwave, Witchbolt, Gust of Wind, Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm