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2007-06-28, 09:19 PM
Hammerspace Mage


Reality is weird. All that dimensional, physic-ish stuff... Well for some magic users, there is a way to transcend all that. The Hammerspace Mages are power spellcasters who bend time and space to their will in order to conjure up all sorts of nasty surprises. When Hammerspace is wielded by adepts such as these, there is no telling what surprises you'll be in for. Just watch out for the namesake move, or you will certainly be flung far, far away.

HD: d4

Able to cast third level spells
Proficient with one martial bludgeoning weapon
Knowledge (the planes) 8 ranks
Must have slept inside a bag of holding for eight hours and survived

BAB: 1/2
Good Saves: Will

Skills: As Wizard

Weapons and Armor: You gain no new proficiencies.

Spellcasting: At every level except first and tenth, your spellcasting advances as it normally would for a prestige class.

Class Features by Level:
1 Secret Compartments
2 Coin Trick
3 Moment's Conjuration (1/day)
4 Flat-space Mechanics
5 MC (2/day)
6 Hammer of Vengeance
7 MC (3/day)
8 Timefold
9 MC (4/day)
10 Multi-dimensional

Secret Compartments (Su): Any clothing you wear gains the ability to hold up to 100 gp worth of equipment per class level, a max weight of 10 pounds per class level, or one cubic foot per class level (whichever limit comes first). This functions like a bag of holding. Each pocket and holding spot is linked together, so you could put a gold piece in one pocket and pull it out of your shoe in the next moment. When you have no pockets or similar holding space (or enter a space such as a portable hole or rope trick area), whatever you had stored is instantly dumped out around you. This space is only accessible and perceivable to you; creatures cannot enter it.

Coin Trick (Su): As a full-round action which provokes attacks of opportunity, you may transfer up to 1 gp per class level (or an equal amount of pp, sp, or cp) into your hands and clap them together. Upon immediately opening them, you create an object of equal worth from the expended money. The item does not need to be able to fit into your hand. You can also make change from gp this way (converting 1 gp into 10 sp).

Moment's Conjuration (Su): Once per day, you may cast a conjuration spell of a level less than half your class levels with a casting time of one standard action as an immediate action. You could summon mage armor to block an attack, drop a couatl in front of a charging barbarian, or generally mess things up for your opponents. The number of uses per day increases along with your class levels (see table).

Flat-space Mechanics (Su): You may create a portable hole, as the item, as a standard action that lasts for a total of one minute per class level each day. It is created either in your hand or on the ground with 30 feet. When the effect ends, anything inside is spit out to an adjacent location. It can be dismissed as a free action, and you may use it on several different occasions throughout the day (to a total of the previously noted limit).

Hammer of Vengeance (Su): By expending a number of spells as a move action, you create a giant hammer fueled by the burned up spell energy. With the next attack you make in three rounds, you create a magical hammer from whatever weapon you were previously wielding or out of thin air all together. It grants a bonus to attack rolls equal to the highest spell level used and adds 1d6 damage per two spell levels lost. Sacrificing spells of an alignment allows the hammer to penetrate damage reduction as if it were of that alignment (it may even be good and evil at the same time). You may choose to attempt a bullrush with the magical hammer instead by gaining a Strength bonus equal to the total number of spells lost. Using this ability to do so does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the enemy strikes a solid surface, they take 1d6 damage for every ten feet they could not move back.

Timefold (Su): Once per day, you may cause a creature or object of a size roughly equal or less than your natural size to disappear into thin air by reversing the normal processes you employ. With a melee touch attack, the thing is removed from existence as if transfered to another plane where time does not flow. This state persists for up to five rounds, but requires you to spend a full-round action each turn as well as a DC 20 Concentration check. If the effect ends before you wish it to, you become staggered for an equal number of rounds.

Multi-Dimensional (Su): Once per encounter, any ranged spell (a ray or projectile) or attack may pass through you as if you weren't there and follow their path until they reach their maximum range. It receives a +2 circumstance bonus to its attack roll if it hits someone else after passing through you. Spells specifically targeting you as well as force spells and Transdimensional Metamagic cannot be avoided this way; you could dodge a disintegration ray or a burning hands spell, but not magic missile or flesh to stone. For every additional use per encounter (to a maximum of once a round), you gain a negative energy level as your hold on reality begins to fade away into nothing. Only twelve hours of rest can undo this loss. Dying from any level loss with these lost levels destroys your body and spirit so that only a miracle or wish may revive you.