View Full Version : looking for tools/advice GM'ing via Chat

2007-06-28, 09:42 PM
I'm wrapping up the finishing touches on a SW:RPG story arc.. now I've come to a problem: I need players and an environment.

(no this isn't a request for players, that will come later)

Right now I just want to hammer out the mechanics of running a campaign via chat/voice. (I DON'T want to go pure text.) but I also am a big visual person so I want to share maps, images, etc with my players.

I've GM'd for probably 15 years, most of it with Star Wars, but also Star Trek, Shadowrun, D&D (1st ed. I'm old school) and even on some MUSEs/MUSHs so I know THOSE pitfalls to avoid, but I'm more worried about mechanics. I also will be soliciting for players (again, later) so was wondering how you guys went about bringing a group of strangers into a RPG. I'm so used to groups of friends where most everyone knew at least 2-3 other people its a little harder to meet for the first time and drop into character. (or possibly easier--thats what I'm thinking) Any helpful tools, hints or tidbits you guys can offer would be great.