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2016-06-14, 05:56 PM
Okay the edition I play shouldn't matter, anyway the DM tool I normally use is masterplan, which is great although its unfinished and unsupported now, its not like there are many other options for building campaigns with. But I have recently discovered one huge flaw. Its built in encyclopedia doesn't transfer between adventures.So if I want to reuse a city I make I have to pretty much reinput everything from scratch. So I was wondering if there are any good alternative tools for storing information like lore , city data ect. I guessed if there was one it would be a world building tool.

Vegan Squirrel
2016-06-14, 06:05 PM
Not in the realm of RPG-specific software, I've used a wiki to organize a campaign before. You can make a different page for each adventure, linking to more detailed pages about anything mentioned. I had pages for each city, with links to important NPCs and adventure sites.

There are a lot of different options for wikis (try a Google search), I went with TiddlyWiki because it runs out of a browser and could be stored locally. That may or may not be useful for your purposes.

I seem to recall Mythweavers having a worldbuilding section as well, for individual wikis, but I think those pages were potentially open to the public to edit.

2016-06-14, 06:43 PM
Thats disappointing. Thank you.