View Full Version : Pathfinder New Hybrid class (unchained barbarian / unchained rogue), please criticize !

2016-06-15, 04:44 PM
Here is the Ferocious Shadow, it's a class heavily inspired by the shadow fury from MCArchetypes (mcarchetype.wikispaces.com/Shadow+Fury).

More abilities and possibilities but some huge limitations. She can rage in silence in the shadow, sneak attack in the dark, teleport between shadows, surprise and scare her enemies..
Thematically limited, but not sure if it's too limited, or overpowered later... (For example she can start a rage only in dim light or darkness, but won't be noticed as she rages in silence).

Please tell me what you think about the Ferocious Shadow !


2016-06-17, 06:19 PM
Nobody interested ? :(

Latrans Ferrum
2016-07-06, 02:20 PM
Overall not bad, I'm new to homebrewing but nothing jumps out as vastly underpowered or overpowered. The idea is interesting. However, for a class that is part rouge, it is extremely heavily focused of offense in combat. While the three rouge talents can round it some, this lacks the flexibility normally found in pathfinder classes.

Is it intentional for Stealth to be unusable while raging? While I understand balance may take part of your decision, it seems odd to hide that the FS is raging but not be able move stealthily while at it. Also is there a reason to hide that a FS is raging besides flavor?

I'd limit the Hide in Plain Sight to dim light or darker. The normal rouge talent limits it to a specific terrain and logically it makes no since to be able to use this ability in well lit areas even with the darkness affinity of this class. (If you want to be able to hide in areas without cover or reduced light there should be a penalty like the feat Hellcat Stealth.)