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Ursus Spelaeus
2016-06-16, 07:00 AM
Let's say you wanted to add more of a bio-punk flavor to psionic characters in your setting by incentivizing the use of organic armor materials (like the kind druids are restricted to). Picture psychic warriors walking around in suits of chitin armor constructed from insect or crustacean carapace. This might be used as a way to tie them visually to the lords of madness.

How would you go about it?

2016-06-16, 07:21 AM
Well, there's already http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/special-materials#TOC-Coral-Chitin-and-Sea-Shells .

But if that isn't up to scratch, I'd look at the materials that druids can wear and the costs.
I'd separately make a list of materials I want them to wear- perhaps they have to make them from the bodies of their fallen foes.

I'd make it so that they were proficient in any armor so personally crafted, and give some unique properties to them as a result.
For example, making armor out of a poisonous insect's carapace would poison and irritate foes on contact. Perhaps add the fuzzy spines of the venomous caterpillars to armor in lieu of armor spikes. I'd look to inspiration from the kind of things you DO want them made out, then modify existing materials and armor types to fit your inspiration. Perhaps having ant carcasses for armor actually bestows a modicum of their carry capacity as it supports your own muscle structure, adding a number to your str score for such purposes in a similar fashion to a masterwork backpack or muleback cords. Be creative. :)

Ursus Spelaeus
2016-06-17, 09:18 AM
Thanks! (I don't really look at Pathfinder stuff very much.)

2016-06-17, 01:07 PM
Thanks! (I don't really look at Pathfinder stuff very much.)

I understand. Nice name by the way! *pets the Cave Bear*

Ursus Spelaeus
2016-06-17, 01:56 PM

Now, this is only semi-related to my original post, but I just had an idea for 'flawed' armor augment crystals.
Flawed augment crystals function like normal augment crystals except that they only function while attached to weapons or armor constructed from organic materials (wood, leather, bone, shell, chitin, etc.)
Flawed augment crystals usually cost 10% less than their non-flawed equivalents.

Flawed and non-flawed augment crystals can be harvested from creatures called Vitreoids. Vitreoids are cave-dwelling vermin with hard exoskeletons that menace with crystal growths. Each vitreoid grows 1-4 augment crystals inside its body. Medium-sized vitreoids grow least augment crystals while large and huge vitreoids grow lesser and greater augment crystals respectively. Vitreoids can apply the effects of augment crystals towards their natural weapons and natural armor. They also possess special tendons that allow them to switch out augment crystals internally without provoking attacks of opportunity.
The vitreoid's jeweled carapace can also be harvested for use as a special material.