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Please Examine And Critique Honestly

This is the translation of what you will find in forum with all the disciplines:

Maneuvers and Disciplines
Every classes start with a number of disciplines.
The number is decided by the recharge system:
Martial (Warblade style)
Arcane (New)
Devote (Crusader style)
Mystic (Swordsage style)
Magic (New)

Classes and recharge system:
Barbarian - Martial
Bard - Mystic
Cleric - Magic
Warrior - Martial
Rogue - Mystic
Wizard - Magic
Monk - Mystic
Paladin - Devote
Ranger - Devote
Sorcerer - Magic

Advanced classes

Alchemist - Macig
Antipaladin - Devote
Cavalier - Martial
Summoner - Magic
Witch - Magic
Inquisitor - Devote
Magus - Arcane
Samurai - Martial
Ninja - Mystic
Oracle - Magic
Gunslinger - Martial


Arcanist - Magic
Brawler - Martial
Hunter - Devote
Warpriest - Devote
Investigator(Or detective, i don't remember) - Mystic
Swashbuckler- Martial
Skald - Arcane
Shaman - Magic
Slayer - Marziale
Bloodrager - Arcane


You can chose any discipline in wich you fulfill the requirments:

1 rank in the key skill per maneuver level you want to know (Stealth 9 ranks if you want to learn level 9 maneuvers from Shadow Hand)

For Combat Style Disciplines you must have Base attack medium or high (Cleric/rogue or superior)

Fulfill the special requirement of each discipline you want

Affinity; The possibility to attune yourelf to a specific effect: Racial resistence to an element, Spell-like abilities, supernatural class abilities.
Classes that have divine powers like cleric, paladin, ranger etc... can consider the area of influece of their deity as affinity. For exemple, a human paladin of Kossuth (God of fire), will be able to learn disciplines thats requires affinity to fire

Racial Affinities

Human: Start with an extra discipline


Arctic: Affinity to frost
Golden: Access to disciplines that requires defensive feats/abilities
Gray: Psionic affinity
Shield: Access to disciplines that requires defensive feats/abilities
Wild: Access to venom disciplines (non megical only)
Urdunnir: Earth affinity


Avariel: Access to disciplines that requires Fly Ability
Acquatic: Affinity to water
Wood: Naturalistic affinity
Drow: Darkness affinity
Moon/gray: Arcane magic affinity
Wild: Naturalistic affinity
Sun/gold: Arcane affinity


Forest: naturalistic and Illusion affinity
Gnomo delle profonditą: Darkness, illusion and Earth affinity
Gnomo delle rocce: Illusion affinity


Acquatic: Water affinity OR one extra discipline
Common: Start wih one extra discipline
Half-drow: Affinity to darkness OR one extra discipline

Orcs anf half-orcs
Gray: Affinity to fear and intimidation
Mountain: Affinity to fear and intimidation
Orog (Deep orcs, like drow): Darkness affinity


Stronghear: One extra discipline
Fastfeet: Luck affinity
Spirit : naturalistic /Spiritistic


Aasimar: Affinity to light and good
Fey'ri (elven Tiefling): arcane, abyssal Affinity
Genasi, water: water and cold
Genasi, air: Air and thunder
Genasi, fire: Fire
Genasi, Earth: Earth and acid
Shadar-kai: Darkness
Tanarukk (Tiefling a base orco): Fear and darkness affinity
Tiefling: Abyssal affinity

Or supernatural class abilities

://zenagdr.forumfree.it/?t=66329346 (Add "http" to have the link, i can't post link in my first post but only after 10 D:)

p.s. you can just use the google translate tool...

https ://translate.google.it/translate?hl=it&sl=it&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fzenagdr.forumfree.it%2F%3Ft%3D66329 346&sandbox=1

This is the link for the forum with all the rules.
I'm sorry but it's all in italian but here's all the words you have to know for knowing everything because all the disciplines are in english, i've used the complete homebrew discipine collection in this forum and in minmaxboard.

The translated words are:

Aria = Air
Fuoco = fire
Elettricitą = Electricity
Acido = acid
Allineamento = Allignament
Buono = good
Malvagio = Evil
Legale = Lawful
Caotico = Chaotic
Riserva ki = Ki reserve
Classe = Class
Incanalare = Channel
Energia positiva/negativa = Positive/Negative energy
Volare = Fly
Folletti = Fey

For the description of each discipline, a lot are in italian but just click on the discipline link and you'll have the author's original page with all in english :)