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2016-06-17, 08:18 PM
Hey, this is my first post on here, so let me know if I say or do something wrong!

Anyway, I've been working on a homebrew Engineer class, focused on using his specially modified black-powder rifle and traps/grenades. I'm modeling it off of Ranger and Druid traits, with his grenades and rifles replacing the damaging spells of the Druid, and having a clockwork companion to help in battles. I am basing the damage off of a Druid's Call Lighting spell, taking a round to prepare the spell/load a clip, and then doing 3d6/2d8 damage per round afterward. The group I play with focuses more on having fun as opposed to optimizing, but I enjoy looking through different builds and being "nearly as good as I can be", without being significantly more powerful than the rest of the party. We mostly use the core PHB's and some of the more common books, but don't often go into any of the more obscure books. That aside, they are cool with me making up my own class, but the DM just concerned being balanced with the rest of the party. We are only to level 6, and usually do one-offs since some of the players are new and need to get a handle on playing different types of characters. Let me know what you guys think!

Also, when it reads //, that is usually a personal comment or a value I'm not sure of yet.
Sorry about the long post, it won't let me post links yet!

The Engineer

INT has the highest importance, as the Engineer has to be highly intellegent to create mechanical devices in an age that mostly relies on simple melee and ranged weapons, like swords and bows.
DEX is the next most important, as it determines how accurately the Engineer can shoot and throw his creations into battle.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: d6

BAB: Medium Progression // same as rogue, cleric, druid//

Saves: Same as Ranger //Focused on reflex and fort//

Class Skills:

Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Forgery, Gather Info, Knowledge, Listen, Open Lock, Profession, Search, Spot, Use Magical Device

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficencies:

Proficent with any created items (guns, bombs, traps), Picks, Handaxes, Daggers, and all variants of crossbows. Proficent with light and heavy armor, but not shields.
The Engineer is also considered proficent if he uses his tools of the trade, such as wrenches, non-weapon hammers and similar tools. (as opposed to using them as improvised weapons)

Engineers Improvisation: [Lv 1] [Weapon Buff]

Over his travels, the Engineer has found various minerals that he can use to enhance his weapons, to a limited degree.
Depending on materials used, he may add elemental (fire, cold, shock, acid) or Physical (Bludegoning, slashing or piercing) damage to the tools of his choosing.
Improvised tool now has applied elemental or physical effects, and adds damage equal to his class level, stacking with any other effects and bonuses.
The Engineer has a limited amount of these materials, and can only use each mineral [Int mod] times per day, before having to spend time after he has made camp to replenish his supplies.

Professional Crafter, Extraordinaire! [Lv 1] [Personal Buff]

The Engineer is heavily experienced in both creating mechanical masterpieces, and also trading and selling his creations. The Engineer adds his class level to any skill checks regarding crafting or trading.
// Add class level to: Appraise (mechanical objects), Bluff (in trading situations), Craft, Diplomacy (in trading situations, or with those who have not experienced mechanical creations before and are threatened)//
// Add Class Level to: Disable Device, Gather Info (about mechanical devices in the area), Knowledge, Open Lock (on mechanical creations), Profession, Use Magical Device (If there are mechanical parts)//

//I know it looks like it applies to a lot of skills, but for most it only applies to very specific circumstances. Mostly, it will only be affecting Craft, Disable Device, Knowledge and Profession, and two of those four are usually useless//

Packed Powder [Lv 5] [Personal Buff] ---[Insightful Strike, Swashbuckler]

The Engineer has years of experience carefully packing his explosive powder, and adds his INT modifier to all damage rolls involving explosives. (Gun and Grenades)

Forgemaster's Expertise [Lv 6] [Spell-like]

The Engineer has a knack for creating on the fly, and can use his surrounding to create simple objects.
The Engineer can cast Fabricate or Creation as a spell like ability, following all associated rules.
The Engineer can only use these abilities a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his INT modifier.

Clockwork Companion [Lv 4] [Companion]

The Engineer is skilled enough to create a Clockwork Companion, which funcions as a normal animal companion, with the Clockwork Companion Template applied to it
The Engineer's Clockwork companion functions exactly the same as a Ranger's Animal Companion, with the Construct Template applied to it. (1/2 class level)
The Engineer can rebuild and repair (heal) his Clockwork companion out of combat, essentially casting Cure Moderate Wounds, only targateable on his companion.

GUN--------------------------- [DMG 145, Repeating Crossbow]

Gain Access to Gun at Level 1
Ranged Attack, 125ft range
Damage (piercing and bludgeoning) equal to 2x monks unarmed strike, x3 crit
//starts at 2d6, becomes 2d8 at level 4, 2d10 at 8, 4d6 at 12, 4d8 at 16, and 4d10 at 20
//I'm fine with making it scale as a regular monks unarmed strike, if I get 10 MoI, or 2x scaling if i get 5 MoI
4 shots in clip, free action to move next bullet into chamber, //Full round or standard// to reload
An attack roll of 7 or less causes a rough kickback, forcing a //Reflex or Fort// save to prevent taking //1// damage, but the shot still can hit
An attack roll of 1 causes the gun to jam, forcing a full round action to clear the chamber and do a full reload
If it is raining or extremly windy, all shots have a 10% fail chance, due to wet poweder

Moment of Inspiration:

At a few points during the Engineer's career, he has a true moment of inspiration, and can improve one aspect of his rifle.
// Either 5 times in 20 levels, as Ranger's Favored enemy, or 10 times in 20 Levels, as Rogue's Sneak attack//
The Engineer can choose to:

Increase his accuracy [+1 to attack rolls] [5]
Increase the power of his shots [+1 to damage rolls] [5]
Modify his clip [+//1 or 2// bullets in each clip] [//4 or 2, maximum possible is 8 shots in one clip//]
Modify his reload mechanism [reduce reload by one step] [3]
Reduced kickback [remove chance to kickback and deal self damage] [1]
Waterproof Chamber [remove fail chance on shots] [1]

//Name of effect [actual effect] [how many times this can be taken total]

BOMBS------------------------- [DMG 145, Fire Seeds Spell]

Total Bombs equal to Class Level per day, to a max of 15, must choose how many of each type to prepare each morning [prepared casting]
Can throw bombs as a move action, but take a -//6 or 8// to hit

Regular Bombs:

Gain Access to Bombs at Level 1
5ft blast radius, Ranged touch attack
Detonates on hit, follows rules for regular bombs on miss [DMG 145]
Damage (fire) equal to 2x monks unarmed strike
//starts at 2d6, becomes 2d8 at level 4, 2d10 at 8, 4d6 at 12, 4d8 at 16, and 4d10 at 20//
thrown splash weapon, fire damage

Grease Trap:

Gain Access to Grease Trap at Level 3
Functions exactly like a Grease Spell
10ft burst radius, ranged touch attack

Timed Bombs:

Gain access to Timed Bombs at Level 5
10ft blast radius, Ranged touch attack,
Detonates upon my command (free action), or after 3 rounds
Makes noise [beeping] each round it is not detonated, does 1d4 bludgeoning damage on thrown hit
// I throw it and it hits an enemy, dealing 1d4, and then begins to beep//
Damage (fire) equal to monks unarmed strike
//starts at 1d6, becomes 1d8 at level 4, 1d10 at 8, 2d6 at 12, 2d8 at 16, and 2d10 at 20//

Springrazor Trap:

Gain access to Springrazor at Level 5
10ft burst radius, ranged touch attack
Detonates when at least 10lbs are on it
//stepped on, thrown a rock at, shot with an arrow, hit with a weapon//
Damage (slashing) equal to monks unarmed strike
//starts at 1d6, becomes 1d8 at level 4, 1d10 at 8, 2d6 at 12, 2d8 at 16, and 2d10 at 20//
Successful hit causes trip attempt
::?? Need help determing how tripping works with traps??::

2016-06-18, 05:50 PM
While I am unfortunately too busy to give this a review, a table may help you get more review for this from other homebrewers. I have two (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?341034) links (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?205677-Table-Pre-sets-and-Tablemaking-tutorial/page3) that may be useful in putting this to a table. I would help with putting it to a table, but I still have to figure it out myself once I have the time.