View Full Version : Journal Curse of Strahd 5e with a Revanent

2016-06-18, 12:33 PM
So, this is a 5th edition game I am running for my brother, with Curse of Strahd.

A tiefling revanent GOO warlock with an unknown goal. The player is quite forgetful, so some of the things that happen are pretty funny. The game is not very changed, so he dies a lot.

Also, I have a homebrew rule for him coming back to life: Every time he does, he has a chance to gain a Curse from the Dark Powers. The character is also quite powerful. He can cast eldritch blast through his weapons (pretty much just a melee eldritch blast), he is a revanent, and has 20 charisma from the start.

So, the game began with him just leaving from his adopted family's home. He wandered around for a while, and then decided to make camp for the night. Then, the fog rolled in.

He woke up feeling a little strange, and noticed the trees around him were different than before. He started walking, and heard a sobbing, and met a pair of children in the middle of the road, a boy and a slightly older girl. They told him there was a monster in their house. He asked them their names, which were Thorn and Rose, and then he went into the house. As soon as the door was closed, he heard a scream. He immediately ran back out, and the children were gone. He tried to leave the space around the house, and was turned back by the mist every time.

He realize this was fruitless, and went inside. He immediately disregarded everything on the first floor, proceeding to the second, disregarded it as well, and went to the third floor, where he was attacked by an animated armour. He cast his armour of Agathys spell, and managed to defeat it in about 30 seconds in game. He then went back downstairs and got himself a top hat from the coat rack.

Going back upstairs, he opened a door and was attacked by a specter, which after much dodging and eldritch blasts, he killed. He also found a secret door, and went up to the attic, leveling to 2, where he took armour of shadows and agonizing blast.

In the attic, he opened a door and was attacked by a second specter. This one won initiative, and killed him in a single hit. He came back to life 24 hours later with gills, and killed the specter in a single blast. He then moved onto another room, and saw a doll on the windowsill. Being the paranoid guy he is, he immediately opened fire, missing and hitting the window behind it, making the doll flop to the floor. His character freaked out, left, and moved furniture in the front of the room. He blasted open a locked door, finding the corpses of Rose and Thorn. His character got upset, and started tossing eldritch blasts around the room in anger and sadness. Then, he heard a being talking to him, turned around, and the Ghosts of the children were there. They explained that when he saw them outside, it was just an illusion created by the monster. They then asked if they could go with him, he agreed, and they merged with him.

He was told about a secret door leading to the basement where the monster was, and went down. There, he found the children's open coffins, and went back upstairs, grabbed the doll he was afraid of, and left it in Thorn's coffin.

After that touching moment, he found a dining room, and got attacked by a grick, which killed him quickly. He came back a little while later with claws and the need to attack hostile beings, he attacked the grick, and then died again.

He came back, this time with voices in his head, telling him what to do, and died once more to the grick.

At this time, there were several of his corpses on the ground, and he came back with lightning immunity and the need to have his heart restarted every so often. This time, he remembered his protective spell and managed to kill the grick. He went over to another way, and fell into a pit trap, which killed him again, and he came back with a sickly body, reducing his hit points. He climbed out the other side, and went down to the next level, where he found a room full of trinkets and took a dagger made of bone, and a note from Strahd.

He found a secret door and walked into a room full of water, and climbed into the middle, where a bunch of beings materialize and started chanting 'one must die!' He did not take that well, and said no.

Out of the water rose a shambling mound, which started charging him. I quote him now 'I take a slow step back, look at the monster in shock, and then I run like a fox with it's tail on fire.' He cast his armour spell, and started running. He stood on the other side of the pit, and the monster jumped over it and flattened him. He came back with the ability to summon insects. He fled, and got outside, where the fog was gone, and he was in a city.

And that was the end of our first session.