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Falcon X
2016-06-18, 03:02 PM
I want to make the Baby Sun (https://media3.giphy.com/media/3o6ozgD5lrJfGZQgiQ/200_s.gif) from the Telletubbies as a deity. From the outside, it should seem exactly as rediculous as we think it is. For the believers, it should be a rich and complex deity.

Playgrounders, I want portfolio ideas, legends, rituals, beliefs, etc. any fuel I can use.

Final Hyena
2016-06-18, 03:45 PM
You monster, if this was a thing in a game I played in, I would be vexed.

Everyone in bed after sundown (curfew).
Burning the dead/criminals (maybe you never burn criminals as they are undeserving).

Missing babies are taken by our overlord.
Every so often the God passes on his mantle to another (of the babies taken).

Baptism in flames (some sort of trick/safe flame).
8 am belly raspberries.

A babies cry is a sign of the gods displeasure.
Babies are sacred.
Happy babies make the sun shine brighter.
Never hold back your feelings (tears).

You monster.

Draconi Redfir
2016-06-18, 03:47 PM
Eons ago a child was born, fathered by the highest of high priests, and mothered by the purist of virgins. The world was dark back then, illuminated only by torches and the eyes of beasts abound, yet as the Child came forth from it's mothers womb, there was light. The child glowed brighter then a torch, and shined further then any flame could produce. All around people came to see the child, many going blind from it's sheer brilliance alone.

Yet not all saw the child's miracle birth as a good omen, for during the dark ages of the world, a breed of intelligent machines came forth, and saw the child's light and glory as a threat against their usefulness, why now would they be needed to protect their creators? Why now would they shine light upon what needed to be seen? Fearing for their existence, the machines at the time known as the Nookitan-Nora unleashed a bloody assault on the child's home. Many died that day, human and Nora alike. And yet, just as it looked as if the humans had seized the day, a lone, small Nookitan-Nora snuck behind human lines, and into the home housing the cradle of the child. The child was killed, and in an instant, the world around the village plunged back into darkness.

All at once the humans wept, those who had been Pilgriming to see the child fell to their knees as the light they followed spontaneously went out. The tears of every man, woman, and child fell like rain upon the soil below, their grief for the one speck of light they had known rippling out through the planes. And yet, as if by some miracle, a light returned, dim at first, but growing more and more with every passing moment. As humanity looked up into the sky above them, they saw it, the smiling face of the child they had once loved, shining light down upon them once more. The child came to be known as the glowing son, later language changes reverted the phrase to merely "the sun".

The Nookitan-Nora on the other hand did not survive the battle well, very few above the size of a cat remaining in the world. The humans enslaved the Nookitan-Nora, stripping them away of their intelligence and strength, setting them up as mere servants and maids as punishment for their crimes. a common "Noo-noo" can be found in almost every home now, the passage of time and the fading of memories allowing the world to forgive, treating the Noo-Noo more as pets then slaves. But there are times, when the holy son sleeps and the world falls into darkness once again, that the Noo-Noo will gather together in small groups, as if reaching out, for some anciant instinct long forgotten.

Falcon X
2016-06-18, 03:54 PM
I'll point out some of the obvious, though I feel there is a hidden layer here:

Laughter, Children, The Sun, Scrying

- When a person is considered favored by the Baby Sun, they will be able to see her face laughing whenever they look at the sun. For this reason, eye problems are very common among followers, so much that clergy have devoted spells and special care for people with eye trouble. Even those who do not follow the Baby Sun go to her temples for eye care.
- In a not-unsimilar manner, followers commonly are given visions from other times or places in things that don't normally have them. A puddle of water, a blank wall, a mirror, etc. might show a message at any given time.
- Towns that have a large following of the Baby Sun have yearly festivals of child dedications.
- Laughter is a key thing to followers of the Baby Sun. Finding the humor in everything and laughing about it is at the level of high morality for them. Even the most challenging of situations are made better with laughter and help people get through tough times.

Falcon X
2016-06-18, 04:47 PM
May the Baby Sun laugh in your general direction Sirs/Ladies Hyena and Redfir. I feel the magic already.

Laughter didn't used to be a big deal to the followers of the Baby Sun. Sure, those who could see the baby in the sun claimed it often laughed at even the mundane things. It wasn't until the traveling priest Sir Yellowjack that laughter became understood as the most godly emote.
A revival broke out at one of Sir Yellowjack'd big tent meetings. One day, as he was speaking about something rather mundane, a person started to laugh. Then others followed. Soon the whole congregation was rolling with laughter, and, when he looked to the sky, he saw that the Baby was too. The immense pleasure he saw in the baby brought him such elation that he couldn't describe. Indeed, all the signs and portents of the next week reminded him of the people laughing, and he found himself laughing at that.
The next week, Sir Yellowjack encouraged his people to laugh as part of the service, even when nothing was said. After several weeks of this, the services became almost nothing but laughter. This style spread to neighboring villages, and soon, revival broke out all over the country and on into others.
The head of the church at the time, Priest Veldez, learned of the revival and investigated. After witnessing the event, he spent much time in prayer, laughter, and thought. Through it all, he realized a truth that had been staring them in the face for all these many years: The Baby loved laughter.
Thus the followers explode laughter and found that the best times to laugh were when anything interesting happened, even if it bordered on negative. Magic was particularly interesting, and clerics began laughing after spells were cast. The elation of the laughter made the people happy, and they knew it made the Baby happy too.