View Full Version : "No, Birds have wings. Men have Jetpacks." [FEAT]

2007-06-29, 07:06 PM
Organic Jetpack

Prerequisites: Must be an Untemplated human, STR 20, CON 21

Benefit: the muscular structure of your back warps and stretches to form a jet pack. you gain a Flight speed of 120 with clumsy maneuverability. this can only be used if you are wearing either no armor or armor specially modified, which multiplies the cost by 1.5.

Special: when performing a Bull Rush, you may use your Jetpack to aid you, gaining a +4 bonus to rolls.

a shiny E-penny to whomever catches the reference. tips for balancing it?

2007-06-29, 07:08 PM
Dr. McNinja ftw!

2007-06-29, 08:55 PM
Should be an epic feat.

2007-06-29, 10:27 PM
As long as it doesn't come with a user manual... It's the Greatest American Hero!

2007-06-29, 10:29 PM
What about the fuel?

2007-06-29, 10:49 PM
wait, wait , wait, wait, wait, wait..............wait....................wait is this a D&D feat or someother game cause that would be killer if D&D feat

2007-06-29, 11:18 PM
But the Doctor did mention something along the lines of... Fuel, correct?

2007-06-29, 11:54 PM
But the Doctor did mention something along the lines of... Fuel, correct?

just a converted form of normal flatulence. trying to rule that in would seem kind of pointless.

2007-06-30, 05:34 AM
ABlasters for the win ladies. Who doesn't love flying on a lit fart.

2007-06-30, 06:29 AM
Should be an epic feat.It pretty much already is an epic feat. Even if you had 18 Str and Con at 1st level you'd just barely have the requirements at 20th.

2007-06-30, 08:38 AM
Tomes and Manuals man, Tomes and Manuals.

2007-06-30, 08:49 AM
People actually use those? I thought it was a myth. The cost for 'em is just too much.

2007-06-30, 10:26 AM
At 20th, cash is so plentiful that it's a very elaborate joke.