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2016-06-20, 01:23 PM
Hey guys! Posting a set of a homebrew feat system that I thought is really cool.

Here's some backstory: I am new to DM'ing, currently making my first game. I thought I'd just go with a book (choosing Out of the Abyss), but chose to just use the setup (PCs captured) and then my own game. Before I even chose this, I researched a ton of house rules.

One of my problems with D&D is the slow, linear progression. I dunno about other editions, but four levels just to get +2 to stats OR one feat? And with feats like Burglar, I don't think it's quite worth the trade. Players will just level up and not gain a whole lot of things outside their class itself, making the progression predictable and dull (at least in my opinion).

So I came up with something. I looked up the wikia to see all homebrew feats, and did some changes, added some, took out some and overall played with them, and divided them in two big classes: minor and major feats.

Now, this is still a work in progress (I'm testing it in the current campaign, if me and my players decide to do another one I'll heavily tinker it) but the idea right now is this one: minor feats are some kind of good utility or small buff (like the Durable feat), which you can get at odd levels (currently I'm allowing my players to trade it for a +1, and adjusting the enemies accordingly). At the +2 stat increase you can trade those for a major feat, which is a big thing that you can use many times, usually in combat, or otherwise gives you a big advantage (I put Metamagic options and Improved Critical Range here). TL:DR Odd levels, minor feat. +2 increase, major feat.

In the vein of non-linear progression I've also heavily modified prerequisites. The FINAL idea is to link some feats between themselves, so OP feats can exist so long as players have invested in them, and many, many feats have prerequisites on odd stats, so that it's worth it to upgrade a stat even if it won't give you a +1 to it, because you'll have a wider amount of feats to choose from. Players could also choose stuff from other classes that otherwise wouldn't be available to them (like Metamagics or Multiattack), albeit in a limited way. Of course this is the FINAL idea and it isn't fully reflected on here, and I wouldn't want to make a god character out of this. Any balance changes, critiques or general stuff that could be added or taken out is greatly appreciated

So, without further ado, here's the list:


Final Hyena
2016-06-20, 02:24 PM
1 warlock 17 sorcerer 2 fighter
Cantrip Master
Empower Cantrip

Eldritch blast 4d10+20 (42)
Cast twice 8d10+40 (84)

Eldritch blast as a level 9 spell
each beam 10d10+5 (60)
8 beams (480)
hex 8d6 (28)

action surge a level 8 spell
each beam 9d10+5 (54.5)
8 beams (436)
hex 8d6 (28)

quicken spell a regular blast
each beam 1d10+5 (10.5)
4 beams (42)
hex 4d6 (14)

Total, 958 force, 70 necrotic, combined 1028
With a miss chance of 50% you're doing 514
Also the crit is (roughly) an extra 9d10+1d6 (58) on average
so 572 damage.

2016-06-20, 02:41 PM
Well someone found a way to abuse it way too quick =O What would you suggest to do? Maybe take out Empower Cantrip?

Final Hyena
2016-06-20, 03:13 PM
Cantrip master doubles the power of cantrips and adds stat to damage freeing up the need of certain features. Even ignoring eldirtch blast it's too powerful, having firebolt deal 8d10+10 (54) is crazy, a fighter archer deals 4d8+20 (38). The way the game is balanced a cantrip should generally be weaker than what a martial character can do to balance their powerful spells.

Empower cantrip is mostly fine, but doesn't work with eldritch blast due to multiple attacks. You could rephrase it to be on the first attack roll.

Edit; Another thing to consider, you are currently giving out +1 every level. This messes up lower levels when you can max out stats early giving mad classes (monk/barb) great power.

Improved Readiness; I declare to attack Enemy X the moment they attack/cast a spell/attempt to move.

2016-06-20, 03:52 PM
I'm giving them a potential +1 at EVEN levels, not at odd levels. That's a clear mistake I wrote on there, my bad. The stats are also capped at like 16 at level 1, even after bonuses, due to the way they were generated (24d6).

I don't understand what's the big problemm on Improved Readiness? My players need some kind of specifics to cast it. They usually just do that when they have an out of sight enemy.

Final Hyena
2016-06-20, 04:28 PM
The problem is it's very easy to manufacture any reason to use it and get yourself advantage on your action. A readied action only requires you to name a trigger for it to occur, that trigger could legitimately be "after PC Jim attacks".

2016-06-20, 05:48 PM
The problem is it's very easy to manufacture any reason to use it and get yourself advantage on your action. A readied action only requires you to name a trigger for it to occur, that trigger could legitimately be "after PC Jim attacks".

Well... you're actually right. I have no idea how to remake that. Probably gonna axe it then.