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Griss The Gnome
2016-06-20, 07:43 PM
Hey there, this week we brewed up a Sorcerer bloodline that get power from the same totems as the Barbarian!


Final Hyena
2016-06-20, 08:00 PM
Link didn't work for me, but managed to find it from the name.
Link. (http://forgotmydice.com/index.php/2016/06/20/sorcerer-of-totems/)

The bloodline seems ok, aside from the main point of the first comment on the site.

Spirit shape does seem to not specify a few details. What type of creature, for example there are several types of bear. Also at level 6 you can't turn into an eagle because they fly which requires level 8. Also what action is it to use spirit shape?

I would probably specify the animals you can turn into remove the flight limitation and instead of spending sorcery points for extra uses scale the creature.

2016-06-20, 08:11 PM
WHOA! Truesight at level 1? Even for resource cost, nope nope nope nope.

Spirit Shape is REALLY DAMN POWERFUL. For the cost of a single sorcery point, you get a wildshape, and in addition, you can cast spells in it. You can cast spells in it. Druids don't get that till level 18.

Rest seems good. Spirit Retaliation, though, seems... Not bad, just out of place.

2016-06-21, 01:46 PM
Hey all - we went over this pretty thoroughly again this morning, and applied some feedback we got and fixed some errors to get it closer to the intent. Give it another look!

2016-06-21, 01:49 PM
Looks much better. Spirit Retaliation still feels out of place, but seems balanced.

2016-06-21, 02:07 PM
Retaliation is based on the similar barbarian ability, since this path is meant to have a bit of barbarian in the sorcerer. I like the ability a lot personally, it gives the sorcerer more frontline capability.
Not to put words in Rob's mouth, but I think some of this was based on experience having a high-level sorcerer in our game and him finding that he didn't have a lot of "fun" stuff to do with his sorcery points. Just giving lots of additional options for that resource seems cool to me at least.