View Full Version : Player Help Roleplaying a Duergar

2016-06-23, 11:34 AM
I currently have two characters in a AD&D campaign I am playing, one is a CG barbarian and yesterday I was allowed to create a new one and I decided to go for a Gray Dwarf Thief. As my DM does not allow Evil characters (not that it bothers me), I decided to make him CN.

He is 92 years old and self-exiled himself from Duergar society due to being caught by the enemy (if he were to go back, he'd most likely be executed and made an example of). He served in their armies as a Wayfinder and sometimes as a Spy. I am thinking of him as a very pragmatical and callous person who goes to his objective in the most straightforward and logical way, disregarding his emotions. If it needs to be done, it WILL be done. He shows little concern about people and their problems unless, of course, money is involved (a dwarf has to make a living somehow). In this case, he will be quick to offer his services, but even quicker to plant a dagger in anyone's back should they ever cross him.

His main flaw is his curiosity, which sometimes overrides his common sense and pushes him towards unnecessary danger.

Am I doing this right? Does this seem like a good way to play a Duergar Thief? What do you guys think? Any tips are welcome, it's my first time playing a dwarf :P