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2016-06-24, 09:11 PM
I wanted to publish this on dmsguild till I read where any content you publish there cannot be published anywhere else.

Although I wanted to make this free / pay what you want I am also creating physical cards for the system.

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This is not a system designed to be balanced but instead allows you to build the exact type of character you want. The extent of balancing is ranking the skills and abilities of each class by power level giving a set number of Ability Points (AP) to power those skills. Skills and abilities are broken into four power levels. Minor abilities cost 1 SP, Major cost 2 (SP), Elite cost 3 (SP), and Legendary cost 4 (SP).You gain Skill Points (SP) as you level which are used to purchase your abilities. The AP you have to power those skills is equal to your character level. Powering abilities with AP in place of times per day or per ability score protects against stacking only skills with huge useage to be power hungry and having too many skills with uses that need to be tracked.

2016-06-24, 09:17 PM
Other major changes

The proficiency bonus has been removed. You instead have a Proficiency Die (PD) you roll whenever you make an ability check, roll a save, or make an attack you are proficient in. For any of your abilities that have a save DC of your PD is used in the calculation. The starting PD is 1d4. For mastery you add a second PD and your save DC uses your full max PD in the calculation.

Premade backgrounds are omitted from from this ruleset in favor of player created backgrounds to be in line with the chosen skills and abilities. Adding a standard style background that gives features in place of building your background based on your features reduces your first level point buy by 1 and you loose the two skill proficiencies of choice. Characters should still have a purpose, mission, or calling that guides them and a flaw.

Racial traits are chosen in place of set races. You have 6 racial points to use. If you spend any points in a race you are considered that race for spells and effects. If all your points are spent in exotic races not listed under normal rules or you are considered Human for Spells and effects. If you choose to select the standard races you do not purchase racial traits and you loose 2 SP per ability point gained. The base movement speed for all races is 30 feet.

Level requirements have been removed from skills. This allows your character to focus on one skillset if they so choose. However, some skills may have power levels. If a skill has power levels listed on its upgrades then you must have a skill from the first power level before proceeding to the second and so on. For example if you choose a skill that has multiple first, second, and third power level abilities then you must have at least one first power level skill before obtaining a second power level skill. You do not need to obtain all the first level powers before moving to the second power level. Once you have one skill or ability from the first power level you can learn skills from the first or second power level and so on.

Spells are powered by mana. Your mana is equal to your spell casting ability modifier times your spell casting level. You choose Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma to be your spell casting ability.

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