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2007-07-01, 02:53 PM
Sometimes I get to urge DnDize something. Here's one:

The Dual Monster - Medium Sized Magical Beast
(All stats are male#female)
HD: 15d10+105#15d10+75
Initiative: +4#+8
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 27 (+4 dex, +13 natural)# 27 (+5 dex, +12 natural)
Base/Grapple: +15/+23#+15/+23
Attacks: Claw +23 (2d4+10) or Bite +21(2d6+12) or Gore +23 (2d6+6) or Tail slap +19 (1d8+8) #2 Claws +23 (2d4+8) or Bite +20 (2d6+10) or Tail slap +20 (1d8+8)
Full Attack: 3 claws+bite+tail slap (6d4+30+2d6+12+1d8+8) or 3 claws+2 gore (6d4+30+4d6+12) or 3 bites+2 gore (6d6+36+4d6+12) #3 claws+bite+tail slap (6d4+24+2d6+10+1d8+8) or 4 claws+tail slap (8d4+32+1d8+8)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5ft.
Abilities: Str 27#26 Dex 18#20 Con 24#20 Int 15#17 Wis 14#15 Cha 18#15
Special Attacks: Breathe fire (3d6), shoot spike (+19 ranged, 1d6 per spike up to 6, all same target), Hunger#Wings (fly 40 ft, good), Disguise, Hunger
Special Qualities: true sight, DR 5/good, immunities, split personality, regeneration 5, chew, screech, tail, focus
Saves: Fort +23#+20, Ref +19#+20, Will +12#+14
Skills: Hide+12, Move Silently+12, Spot+14, Listen+14#Hide+10, Escape Artist +12, Spot+14, Listen+14, Tumble +6
Feats: Improved Grapple, Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus (bite)#Improved Initiative, Weapon Specialization (bite)#Iron Will
Envrionment: Any
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: ?
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A humanoid raptor with a second face at its stomach, cursed with a permenant, insatiable hunger. It is man sized, has sharp claws, sharper teeth and a strong and flexible tail. It's very strong, tough and agile. It has two forms: male head, female stomach and female head, male stomach. The male head has large spikes at the top of the head and female head is more slender and has hair. Both forms have seperate abilities and stats. They are actually seperate entities cursed to inhabit the same body.

The monster is a nocturnal hunter, favoring night thanks to its true sight ability. It sets ambush and waits for prey. When faced with multiple enemies he usually tanks, attacking the toughest target to deal heavy damage and running away when he takes a beating, trusting his regeneration to prepare him for another tanking round, while she prefers to fully employ her flying ability to attack and swiftly kill weaker enemies, then wear down the tougher ones with hit and runs, taking as little damage as possible.

It will retreat if both personas are reduced to less than %50 hp. If forced to retreat, the personas may (or may not) temporarily make a truce, suppresing their desire to be the head (negating their involuntary transformation penalty) for a common goal. The monster will wait until it's fully healed, then attack again. It will keep coming back until all enemies have been killed, unless it was beaten with little effort on the enemies' behalf. If that is the case, it will look for easier prey. If pursued by a superior enemy, it will run.

The personas consider themselves seperate entities and refer to the other as him/her. They always argue over things like the flavor of different meats or hunting tactics in loud voices, except waiting for an ambush. During combat, they keep chattering. Usually the stomach will keep thrashing the head for his/her use of poor tactics and incompetency, while the head thrashes the stomach about her/his past failures and mistakes.

Split personality (Ex): The personas are seperate entities sharing the same body. They have seperate stats. Any spell cast or damage inflicted on one doesn't affect the other. Both personas are constantly struggling to be the head, because only the head can eat. Any time the head takes more than 20 damage, fails any save or reduced to %20 hp or less; it must make a will save vs the stomach's will save. If save fails, transformation immediately begins on that initiative. If the head decides it's better to let the stomach go for a while (being held for example), he/she can voluntarily start the transformation. It takes a full round to transform into other form, changing the monsters initiative. During transformation, the monster is flat footed and any damage is inflicted on both personas. When one persona is reduced to 0 hp or less, transformation happens instantenously. That persona will be dormant until it fully regenerates. If the other persona is also reduced to 0 or less hp, the monster is slain. Also their body sharing allows them two saving throws vs any effect that can't be ignored by the other (death effects, disintegration, polymorph, etc). They are somewhat vulnerable to coup de grace: only the head makes a save.

Male persona can breathe fire in a 20 ft cone doing 3d6 fire damage (reflex DC 25 for half). He can also shoot spikes from his head with 30 ft range increment, doing 1d6 damage. He can shoot up to 6 spikes to the same target in a round. The spikes regrow at a rate of 1 per round.

Female persona can grow or retract wings from her back as a move equivalent action. She has 40 ft (good) flight speed. She can also disguise herself as a female of any medium sized humanoid species for one hour per day. This is a transmutation effect. While disguised, the male persona is completely subdued, who can still see and hear but can't act. Since he hates this, he always tries to resist the effect (his will save vs hers). If he succeeds, her attempt is wasted for the day. She can end the effect as a free action anytime. While disguised, the monster has stats of a female level one commoner, but can't be slain. The effect immediately ends if she takes damage.

Regeneration(Ex): The head 5 hp and stomach 10 hp per round.

True Sight(Ex): They have superb sight, allowing them to see perfectly. They are unaffected by darkness, and can see without penalties (even with colors, unlike darkvision) up to their eyesight in total darkness. They always recognize and disbelieve illusions but can't see through them.

Hunger(Ex): Both personas can try to bite a grappled enemy's head off in one huge bite if they win the grapple check by 10 or more. The victim must succeed in ref save against DC 17 or die. Even on a successful check, the bite deals 2d6+10 damage. They can also swallow whole any creature smaller than them in a grapple if they succeed at a dex check against a DC of the victim's dex score. Anything swallowed whole (such as a small sized PC) by the monster is instantly digested. The monster never suffers any ill effects from eating. It can digest any organic critter, including oozes, outsiders, flesh golems, gibbering mouthers, corporeal undead... It can eat up to tons of food at once, like the whole corpse of a dragon.

Immunities(Ex): Both personas are immune to fire, acid, poison and disease. They are also unaffected by positive or negative energy. Their abilities can't be negated with antimagic. They resist normal weapons. They can't be charmed, dominated, scared or posessed.

Chew(Ex): Regardless of the grapple check, the stomach automatically inflicts 2d6 bite damage every round during a grapple. This ability is negated when one persona is dormant.

Screech(Ex): Both personas can emit a terrifying screech (twice per day for each persona), forcing anyone (will save DC 29#27 to ignore) to be shaken. Only the head can use this ability.

Tail: The tail grants the monster +4 against trip attempts. It's also very strong, and can support the weight of the monster indefinitely.

Focus(Ex): When one persona is dormant, the other gains these bonuses as it's not struggling with the other: +4 to all mental stats, +2 to all physical stats, +2 to all DCs, +10 speed, +4 initiative. During this time however, the regeneration of the active persona is allocated to the dormant. The focused persona doesn't regenerate but the dormant regenerates 15 hp per round. This state ends when dormant persona regenerates to full hp. If ever the focused persona is reduced to 0 hp, the monster dies.

This is my little homage to David Hopkins. And 'Hi!' to all Jack fans out there.