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2016-07-05, 06:28 AM
Everything else about Infusion casting is true except.

Infusion Charges: gain level 1
An Artificer knows how to work fast from years of practice. He also understands that working fast requires some sacrifice.

When an Artificer Sacrifices a "Spell Slot" she gains a number of infusion charges equal to,

Spell level+(Spell Level-1)=InCs

These charges can be spent during the casting of an infusion to either speed up the casting by one step or to apply meta magic known to the infusion.

Force Charge
Lvl 10 Artificer class ability
Through extensive practice with wands you have learned to send your infusion charge into a wand at the cost of Both an infusion charge as well as the cost of 2 charges of the wand in Material.

You spend 1 charge and an amount of gold equal to:

If 50 charge wand
((SpellLvl x CasterLvl x 750)/50)*2
If Eternal Wand
((SplLvl x CstLvl x 2000)/(5/#Chrgs))*2

Any feats that Appy to reducing crafting cost also apply to forced charges.

Thoughts and input?

2016-07-13, 12:50 PM
Bump anyone have an opinion on this change?

2016-08-13, 11:50 AM
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