View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Writing for my 1st DMSguild book, looking for feedback/critique on current draft

2016-07-05, 10:52 AM
Hi, I'm working on a book for DMSGuild. It's a book of mostly crunch, about 25 pages or so. It's about a dozen archetypes and 5 backgrounds for Kara-Tur.

I'd really like some playgrounders/other authors to read and offer feedback on it. I'd prefer not to post it online for everyone to see, so if you're interested in reading it and offering feedback, reply here or send me a private message (click on my playground name, yes it's a feature). Ideally I'd like someone who is familiar with Oriental Adventures from 1st and 3rd editions and/or Kara-Tur the Eastern Realm, and can offer feedback on power level vs existing 5e archetypes. Thanks!!

The backgrounds are: Samurai, Geisha, Ronin, Imperial Eunuch, and Physician.

The Archetypes are:

Barbarian: Rider of the Golden Horde

Bard: Yakuza

Cleric: Shukenja

Druid: Circle of Kitsune's Blessing

Fighter: Kensai

Fighter: Iron Dragon School

Monk: Way of the Drunken Boxer

Monk: Eastern Snake Style

Ranger: Yamabushi Healer

Rogue: Ninja of the Hidden Fortress

Paladin: Oath of Protection (Yojimbo, Sohei)

Sorcerer: Profane Bloodline

Warlock: Revered Ancestor Patron

Wizard: Wu Jen