View Full Version : Roleplaying Extending the stories and lives of Mod NPC,s beyond the adventure ?

2016-07-05, 11:01 AM
My preference regarding Mods is only using short adventures/small dungeons but over lapping and intertwining and adding them with my own silly little campaign .

A good example is that very boring and Ho hum design of a 3.5 short module called Test of the Demon web. The only real redeeming value is two NPC,s . Eklivarta a Drider and a Drow Priestess called Arda Pharn . Two entities with such rp potential is such a waste only keep within the boundries of that Mod .

My party chose to serve Lolth so these two beings are pretty much their owners . The Dungeon which they only half completed is now their base of operations or I suppose coven .

Arda now replaces Alyssa who was nothing more then a spirit in a mirror / nasty lil boobytrap in the DND 2004 Basic game module . For interest sake this cheapo "drow" dungeon is now an extended part of Basic game dungeon . This spirit I made into a fairy queen and yes instead of player disappears forever the mirror became instead a portal to a "fey realm" and yes they came back .

To summarize it a good but unintentional chunk my DND campaign adventure revolves around this not too shabby alchemist dungeon which keeps on growing . Interesting Mod entities become a part of the PC,s environment. Now i have added another short adventure and a certain nasty lil undead thing is going to also play a significant part as an extra NPC taken back to Arda,s Dungeon / lab / homebase . Its also possible I will do the same to the main boss , <wraith wizard > of that spook house mod .

I never done anything like this before but i cannot say i am unhappy .

Do any of my peers fall in love , improve and / or extend the stories of Module NPC,s ?