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2016-07-05, 06:19 PM
Now, I know that everybody in the world has obviously read the Wheel of Time series and has an in-depth knowledge of the sword forms used therein, so there is clearly no reason at all for me to link to a list of sword forms from The Wheel Of Time (http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_forms) so that people can get a feel for the names.

That being said, for this game, you want to post a sword form of your own creation, in the general style of The Wheel Of Time sword forms, with perhaps a little bit of attention to making it a little more ridiculous and/or humorous. There are a few different styles in which you could post your sword form; for example:

I attack with Hare Sticks Carrot In Gun
I respond with Elephant Runs From Field Mouse
and many more!

Feel free to play with the general format; for example, Tom Swifty-style posts could be fun:

Moses shifts into Parting The Waters
Trevortni falls into Loose Thatching Covering Pit Trap

There is also a style that gives the forms of both combatants:

Two-Fingered Poke meets Hand Before Nose!
Calvin Comes Home meets Sleeping Tiger!

But it is probably best to keep these in clumps - try to get a few of these in before switching back to one-at-a-time posting, and vice versa.

And as always, please keep in mind the 3-post rule!

Have at ye!


Trevortni slides into The Schoolyard Bully Rages