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2016-07-06, 03:16 PM
Rather than constructing concrete prestigous classes based on existing classes, I am drawing inspiration from the concept from UA and creating a sort of template one can apply. This template is applied after any changes made by archetypes. These are not 1 to 1 comparisons to their 3.5 counterparts where they exist, but rather a unique attempt.

Prestigious Character Class Conversion Rules: In place of distinct class tables, the following is a rule of thumb table, showing level equivalencies. All Prestigous Character Classes should be considered 15 level PrCs, and advance as follows;

Prestige Class LevelClass Feature Levels

There are exceptions to this rule however, in the form of spellcasting. Prestigious spellcasting classes, rather than providing their own spellcasting advance the spellcasting of a class used to qualify for it. While the full level of the prestigious class is added to the spellcasting class's caster level, advancement is based upon the class the prestigious class is based upon. If the prestigious class is based upon a class that provides only up to 4th level spells, it only advances casting at each odd numbered level. If the prestigious class is based upon a class that provides only up to 6th level spells, it advances casting at each level (with exception to 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 13th level). If the prestigious class is based on a class that provides up to 9th level spells, than it advances casting at each level.

Additionally; Class features listed in a Prestigious Class's prerequisites that are shared with the Prestigious Class do not advance at the described rate, but levels instead stack for the purpose advancement. For instance; Channeling between Cleric and Prestigious Paladin levels stacks rather than providing two separate channeling, the former left at lower levels while the latter advancing 1 or 2 levels per level according to the above table.

Hit Die, Skill Points, Save, and Base Attack Bonus advancement are based upon the advancements offered by the class the prestigious class is based upon. While Hit Die, Skill Points, and even Base Attack Bonus advancement remain unchanged, saves are. Any save that was a good save in the class remains a good save progression with the prestigious variant. Anything that was a poor save in the class, on the other hand, becomes an average save progression (+0 at 1st level, increasing by 1 at 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, and 14th).

Prerequisites: While rules can be made to determine roughly where class features go, prerequisites require more consideration. As such, below are the prerequisites to various classes as portrayed as Prestigious Character Classes. As a rule of thumb, any class that can be described as a blend of two classes could be made into a prestigious character class and should be able to be entered at 6th level with a combination of levels in both.