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2016-07-08, 03:47 PM
Hi everyone ;
I'm currently into a Barbarian-themed campain, and our DM accepted us to create prestige classes for our characters.
I wanted to have a character around the theme of the Animal Spirits, more precisely the Horse Spirit : Sorion is an ex-Chaman (background, he only have Druid's Orisons thanks to a feat), and he has a horse, named Gleth.
His animal totems are the elk and the horse (Amerindian symbols of strength and pride).

So I wanted to make Sorion a champion of his totems spirits : it may also be useful for another Barbarian character, so can you tell me if this class is under/overbroken, and what have I to change ?

We all know that Barbarians are fiercy, savage warriors hanging around the meaning of the so-called "Nature Spirits". But what if these spirits were truth, such as the "civilized" Gods and Goddesses ? It's said that some spirits take some Champions, for achieving great deeds.
Animal seens as mounts, such as Horses, have their own spirit totems. When these totems take an even more reclused warrior than the average Barbarian, someone who know how to please them almost fanatically, then... The civilized world can fear this threat.

ABB : 5+
Wilderness Lore : 10+ ranks
Handle Animal : 10+ ranks
Ride : 10+ ranks
At least one level of Barbarian, must be Chaotic Neutral
Special : each time the Pridelord sees a horse or horselike specie willfully threatened without doing anything against, he loses every class feature during the next 24 hours, or until the problem is solved, whichever is longest. The problem can also be solved if the Pridelord shows enough respect to make the Spirits forget the error : he can, for example, make a ceremonialy burial if he failed to protect a killed horse.

Skills : Handle Animal, Intimidation, Jump, Knowledge (Nature), Ride, Wilderness Lore.
6 + Int modifier skill points by level.
Proficiencies : A Pridelord gains no proficiencies in any armor or weapons.
Other Classes : A Pridelord highly respects Druids, Rangers or Barbarians ; he's almost indifferent to any class, but he highly disrespects Clerics (who usually think that the Spirits are parodies of the "real" gods) or Warriors (those who threats their mounts as objets)
Religion : A Pridelord is an animist.
Races : Every race can be a Pridelord.
Role : Pridelords are fighter, but also terrain handlers. They can also quickly equip an army with mounts, or even get an army of animals.

Class Level
Fortitude saves
Reflex saves
Will saves
Special abilities

Inspired Rider, Voice of the Totems, Spirit Steeds

Battle Rider

Follow the Strongest


True Pridelord

Note : "Horselike" species means every animal who looks like an horse : horses, obviously, but also ponies, elks, zebras, donkeys or mule.
Inspired Rider : the Pridelord have now an unnatural connection with every willing horse or horselike creature he mounts : he may take 10 every time for Ride checks, even when he wouldn't be able to do it (during a battle, for example). If he stays 10 turns concentrating, then he may take 20 once a day.

Voice of the Totems : the Pridelord acts now as if under a permanent Speak with Animals spell. However, he can only use it on horses or horses-like.

Spirit Steeds : As a full-round action, the Pridelord can summon his herd : he gets each day a pool of 20 HD horses or horselike animals that he can summon in a full-round action. These animals lasts two hours by Pridelord level, but they come without any equipment. The Pridelord cannot also summon more than his class level of HD in one casting, but he may add templates as well.
Example : A 4th level Pridelord can summon up to 80 HD of animals each day. He can summon two Ghosts Heavy Warhorses (CR 2 + CR 2 template), but he cannot summon ten light warhorses (CR 1) : he would have to take two full-round actions to summon them.

Battle Rider : When mounted, and when successfully dodging an attack, a Pridelord may do a Ride Check (without the help of Inspired Rider) : the check result is his new AC for the next attack. This new AC is lost if the mount is flat-footed, if the Pridelord is dismounted, or if he gets two attack. You can't use Battle Rider after dodging an attack thanks to Battle Rider.

Follow the Strongest : Now a greater parangon of the Spirits, the Pridelord may ask them to help him to get some allies. If he wins either a Strength, Dexterity or Constitution check against a horse or horselike animal, he may cast a free Charm Animals spell without any Will check, or SR check. The check needs not to be a real contest : the Pridelord can just flex in front of the horse, or showing a feat of strength while the animal remember his owns.

Borrowing the Grip of Spirits : The Pridelord have all the Spirits favours : and then he have more time with his Spirit Steeds.
The Spirit Steeds lasts now five hours by Pridelord level.

True Pridelord : Now the Pridelord is merely a human : he knows more beasts than society. His type changes to Magical Beast (although he still have proficiencies with his armors and weapons) : once a day, he can use his "Follow the Strongest" ability for charming as much HD as his character level.

2016-07-09, 07:16 AM
I was really hoping this was going to be a 4e warlord variant that forced allies to do as they told due to the amazing, overwhelming ego of the Pridelord :smallwink: