View Full Version : Pathfinder Magic Item: Ben Franklin's Glasses (National Treasure)

2016-07-09, 10:12 PM
A player recently got craft wondrous item, and was made a monocle of continuous identify. He later asked, can I get another lens of a vision thing later to just make it a pair of glasses, which I accepted. The group got talking and joking, and now we're considering having the silly Ben Franklin Glasses from National Treasure.

What lenses should we put on?
We currently are thinking: See Invisibility, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Detect Good, Detect Chaos, Detect Law, Detect Poison, Detect thoughts, and Deathwatch. Is there anything obvious we are missing?

I liked the idea, and it got me thinking: is there any cool homebrew effects we might allow by combining different lenses?