View Full Version : No Honor Among Thieves. Need Heist Ideas!

2016-07-11, 09:51 PM
Ok, so I'm a DM and I've got this big group of like 8 people, and I didn't want to have them all play together, and one or two people hog the spotlight, so I split them into 2 groups of 4, and then got a really cool idea. What if the groups were competing against one another? Thief's Guild Style. So I basically made this whole sandbox world with certain assets that the groups can hire to work for them. A Reputation and Loyalty system. I like to think it's pretty cool. But anyway, its a big city, and I can only think of a few cool heists that the parties would enjoy. So, please, hit me up with your coolest heist idea or an idea that you've played before and your party members have had fun with.

2016-07-13, 01:03 PM
Stealing the lost artifact of ultimate doom from the temple of mysterious doom.

Black Socks
2016-07-13, 07:01 PM
The groups compete to steal the same artifact- a race!

Scarlet Knight
2016-07-14, 06:21 PM
1) the familiar from a wizard's tower.

2) The chastity belt from a princess

2016-07-15, 07:55 AM
Two rich buys bet on the parties like race horses to see who will get item X first.

Important Girl has her necklace stolen, offers reward for finding it.

Mayor elections. Candidates ask for things to improve their position, and may reward the parties if they win.