View Full Version : Any good Derro stories?

2016-07-12, 09:10 PM
So the DM let me make a character that is all Derro, or at least a lot of Derro, taking over one person's mind and creating their race in this plane. And I want Derro stories to mention off-handedly.

Either a character you made, or a memorable Derro experience your party had. Does anyone have any good Derro stories?

2016-07-12, 09:50 PM
May I ask why Derro over Duergar? Aren't the Derro supposed to be like... the deranged ones?...

2016-07-12, 10:43 PM
Here's a good story about Derro (http://falsemachine.blogspot.co.nz/2014/03/derro.html) MOST EMPHATICALLY NOT in their own words.

2016-07-13, 09:43 AM
Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?268097-Madness-Blood-and-Thunder-in-Ravens-Bluff-Thread-2/page21), starting a few posts down. We tried interrogating a derro. Things got... fun.

2016-07-16, 07:16 PM
Those are both good examples of why it's Derro and not Duergar. Think I'll try to remember some bits about the machine. (the rest of that guy's stuff is... interesting!)

Oh and I guess I can put in one of my own: I ran a game where the players mowed over an an encounter with a Derro and incapacitated him, using healing magic to keep him alive while they amputated his arms to keep him from dissecting them. They dragged him around until the big bad wizard was using invisibility to escape from them. They desperately needed to not let that happen, so the monk used the poor Derro to find the wizard by starting his arm stumps to bleeding again and throwing him down a narrow hall. Blood got on the wizard and they flattened him. (I swear they're not usually this bad to the monsters).