View Full Version : Pathfinder First, we attack his Heart! (Martial Debuff PoW Discipline and Antipaladin Archetype)

2016-07-15, 07:19 PM
Salutations, everyone. I'm back with another Path of War discipline, this time based upon screwing up the opponent's tactics.

It occurred to me that there was no real debuff-based martial discipline in Path of War, and that most of the abilities that hampered your opponents were supernatural in nature. I personally see that as a hole to be filled, given how much control of morale and organization matters in real-world combat.

Also, there was no real Antipaladin archetype for maneuvers, And you know I couldn't abide by that.

Presented below are the Lead Hyena discipline and an accompanying archetype, the Bloodmaven Antipaladin. I'm hoping to integrate both into an upcoming adventure, so I may alert you as to how that goes.

Enjoy! (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fa7DjXlYWJql4fQVbEPMbJ3PUxc49_jl5HJByGvxA0c/edit?usp=sharing)

Input is most certainly appreciated.