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2016-07-16, 09:37 PM
I was inspired by Submortimer's post to continue working on my own 5th edition Incarnum update.

You can find the current version here: Incarnum 5e Beta (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwir5V4Ifx5dY19NeHJIclQxZ3c/view?usp=sharing)

There's still a lot of balancing to be done in the details, I need to fill in some additional greater chakra abilities for the existing melds, and there are many more soulmelds to create, but I'm pretty happy with the core mechanics now. The setup of regular chakras versus greater chakras has given me a lot more design space than I had before, and as of my last post on the subject (alpha 2), I'm much happier with the classes merged into one.

My intent is to largely follow the warlock in terms of power, with soulmelds functioning like invocations, essentia taking the place of spell slots, regular chakras taking the place of slot level increase, and greater chakras taking the place of mystic arcanum. The most noticeable difference being that they get soulmelds at level 1, and essentia at level 2, rather than spells at 1 and invocations at 2.

The most helpful thing right now for me would be comments on the balance, both in the larger sense and between individual soulmelds, and on wording/layout. The core mechanics are pretty set at this point.

2016-07-17, 07:38 AM
Eventually I want to add an Incarnum class to my homebrew as MoI is my favorite book from 3.5... I really wish 5e would bring that book back (killing ants for soul power? Yisss)

I'll be taking a look at your beta when I get home from work and try to offer any advice or notes that I can.

2016-07-19, 05:16 PM
I've updated the document with a few more soulmelds, as well as a new feat. The Incandescent subclass now has their full list, though most of them need additional/modified greater chakra abilities.