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2016-07-18, 05:09 PM
An attempt to fix everything that can't be fixed in 3.5 edition and homebrewed rules for a game I'm planning to DM.
So nothing much for outsider's eyes to see (but any idea or suggestion is always valid).

2016-07-18, 07:22 PM
Divine Spell List
All clerics have acess to Summon holy symbol, Attonement and Miracle and they have acess to all spells they're able to cast with the following exceptions:

Life and Death: if you have Life Domain you can't cast Death Domain's spells and vice-versa (unless you have both domains);
Morality Domain: you can't cast spells from the opposite alignment you have (even if you didnt pick any Morality Domain);
Elements Domain: if you picked one of the Elements Domains, you can't cast the opposite element spells (unless you have both domains, like Air and Earth or Fire and Water);

Bolded spells are new spells, blues spells are ones with advancement and red ones are modified in some way.

9th level: Black blade of disaster, Genesis, Ice assassin, Pavilion of grandeur;
8th level: Clone, Heart of stone, Incarnum apotheosis, Iron body, Polymorph any object,
7th level: Energy transformation field, Incarnum bladestorm, Reverse gravity, Statue,
6th level: Fantastic machine, Hardening, Heroes' feast, Sarcophagus of stone, Transcribe symbol, Wall of gears, Wall of iron
5th level: fabricate, Metal skin, Spell matrix, Spell phylactery, Skin of the steel dragon, Touch of adamantine,
4th level: Creation, Create fetch, Conjure midnight construct, Perinarch, Secret chest, Storm of needles, Unbind chakra, Viscid glob, Wingbind,
3rd level: Create food and water, Coral growth, Daylight, Force chest, Humanoid essence, Ice sculptor, Magnetism, Siphon, Wand modulation, Wall of chains, Word of binding;
2nd level: Chill metal/heat metal, Clothier's closet, Cloud of knives, Conjure ice object, Create magic tattoo, Construct essence, Energize potion, Force ladder, Glitterdust, Incendiary slime, Quick potion, Runes and wards,
1st level: Alarm, Animate object, Armor lock, Blockade, Create trap, Erase, Floating disk, Grease, Mage armor, Magic weaponry, Resinous tar, Summon component, Summon unseens servant, Undersong, Weaponshift,
Cantrips: Appraising touch, Identify, Instant locksmith, Magecraft, Summon instrument

Fantastic machine (6th level: Fantastic machine, 9th level: Greater fantastic machine);

9th level: Despoil, Necrotic termination, Utterdark, Vile death;
8th level: Befoul, Bodak's glare, Heat drain, Steal life, Touch of the graveborn, Veil of undeath,
7th level: Arrow of bone, Avasculate, Blood to water, Dark tide, Death dragon, Field of ghouls, Kiss of the vampire, Leech undead, Necrotic curse, Pact of return, Shadow trap, Sword of darkness, Undeath after death,
6th level: Barghest feast, Blackwater taint, Death hail, Dirge, Fleshshiver, Ghoul gauntlet, Harm, Heartfreeze, Revive undead, Spectral dragon, Spectral touch,
5th level: Battletide, Channeled lifetheft, Darkbolt, Door of decay, Graymantle, Imprison soul, Incarnum weapon, Leech ghost skill, Memory rot, Necrotic skull bomb, Night's caress, Soul scour, Spirit wall, Thalassemia, Waves of exhaustion,
4th level: Bloodstar, Cursed blade, Enervation, Life ward, Slay living, Spirit binding, Negative energy aura, Seed of undeath, Soulbleed, Touch of years, Wall of bones,
3rd level: Animate dead, Black sand, Blood snow, Boneblade, Corpse candle, Ghost lantern, Ray of exhaustion, Rejuvenative corpse, Soul boon, Stinking cloud, Vampiric touch, Wall of ectoplasm, Wall of incarnum,
2nd level: Ashstar, Blindness/Deafness, Boneblast, Bone chill, Bonefiddle, Command undead, Darkness, Death armor, Eyes of the zombie, False life, Gentle repose, Ghoul glyph, Ghoul touch, Heat leech, Incarnum arc, Incorporeal disharmonics, Living undeath, Protection from positive energy, Shadow shroud, Soulmeld blessing, Undead empowerment,
1st level: Chill touch, Cloak of shade, Death knell, Impede sun's brilliance, Fear, Hex, Snuff the light, Spirit worm, Summon undead, Weaken,
Cantrips: Deathwatch, Touch of fatigue;

9th level: Detonate, Disjunction, Erupt, Implosion, Meteor swarm, Otyugh swarm, Reality maelstrom, Sphere of ultimate destruction;
8th level: Blackfire, Bite of the king, Bombardment, Destruction, Flenshing, Soul's treasure lost,
7th level: Ability rip, Scourge, Stun ray, Symbol of stunning
6th level: Acid storm, Cometfall, Disintegrate, Resonating agony, Storm of fire and ice, Wrathful doom,
5th level: Acid sheath, Bleed, Body harmonic, Death throes, Dragon breath, Resounding thunder, Toxic weapon, Vitriolic blast, Vulnerability,
4th level: Caustic mire, Corporeal instability, Creaking cacophony, Crushing despair, Crushing grip, Engulfing terror, Forcewave, Hurtling stone, Ray of deanimation, Rend essentia, Scramble portal, Sword of deception, Vortex of teeth
3rd level: Acid breath, Contagion, Crack ice, Crumble, Dirge of discord, Dissonant chant, Ferocity of sanguine rage, Greater thunderclap, Haunting tune, Manyjaws, Rust, Shockwave, Shout, Spell vulnerability, Wrack,
2nd level: Acid arrow, Battering ram, Black karma curse, Blast of force, Blight, Feeblemind, Ironthunder horn, Knock, Painful echoes, Scale weakening, Scourge of force, Shatter, Sonic whip, Wave of grief;
1st level: Black lungs, Bloodletting, Confusion, Distort speech, Rage, Scatterspray,
Cantrips: Acid splash, Sound burst

Wrack (3rd level: Wrack, 4th level: Wall of pain, 7th level: Wave of pain);

9th level: Burst of glacial wrath, Genius loci, Iceberg, Node genesis, Storm of vengenace, Tidal wave, Towering thunderhead,
8th level: Depthsurge, Field of icy razors, Fire storm, Flashflood, Glacier, Lightning ring, Maelstrom, Polar ray, Stormrage;
7th level: Glorious master of the elements, Storm of elemental fury, Water sprout, Whiteout,
6th level: Algid enhancement, Airy water, Control winds, Drown, Entomb, Freezing glance, Freezing sphere, Ice rift, Master of the rolling river, Snow song, Tidal surge, Waves of cold, Wind tunnel;
5th level: Arc of lightning, Ball lightning, Cone of cold, Cyclonic blast, Extract water elemental, Firebrand, Flaying burst, Frostbite, Gelid blood, Matle of the fiery soul, Mantle of the icy soul, Mineralize warrior, Moon bow, Smoky confinement, Stone storm, Streamers, Stone to flesh, Unearthly heat, Wall of stone, Wall of magma,
4th level: Channeled pyroburst, Collumn of ice, Control water, Dispel fire, Dispel water, Energy spheres, Elemental ward, Eye of the hurricane, Freeze armor, Hypothermia, Ice storm, Incendiary surge, Medusa's power, Parboil, Stone sphere, Wall of fire, Wall of ice, Wall of sand Wall of water
3rd level: Aura of cold, Brumal stiffening, Call lightning, Control temperature, Corona of cold, Darkfire, Downdraft, Earth bolt, Energy vortex, Energy vulnerability, Eradicate earth, Favorable wind, Fireball, Icelance, Lightning bolt, Pebble wind,
2nd level: Binding winds, Combust, Creeping cold, Deep breath, Dispel fog, Earthbind, Earthen grasp, Earth lock, Earthen grace, Electric loop, Electric vengeance, Energy surge, Fire shuriken, Fireburst, Flash-freeze, Gust of wind, Halo of sand, Heart of the elements, Lava splash, Lightning blade, Mindburn, Pressure sphere, Pyrotechnics, Saltray, Scimitar of sand, Scorching ray, Seeking ray, Sismic power, Smoke stairs, Stolen breath, Thin air, Wind wall, Zone of glacial cold;
1st level: Buoyant lift, Burning hands, Cold fire, Energized shield, Energy orb, Feather fall, Flame blade, Fist of stone, Hail of stone, Path of frost, Sandblast, Snowball toss, Shocking grasp, Updraft;
Cantrips: Electric jolt, Ray of ice

9th level: Foresight, Hindsight, Replicate casting, Unname;
8th level: Illusion purge, Moment of prescience, Visions of future,
7th level: Insanity,
6th level: Eyes of the oracle, Find the path, Force shapechange, Legend lore, Mental pinnacle,
5th level: Aiming at the target, Awaken, Glimpse of eternity, Inquisition, True seeing, Zone of revelation,
4th level: Assay spell resistance, Detect scrying, Discern lies, Dweomer of transference, Lay of the land, Portal view, Watchful ancestors,
3rd level: Analyze portal, Analyze touchstone, Commune, Enduring scrutinity, Invisibility purge, Scrying, Sonorous hum, Telepathy,
2nd level: Augury, Discern shapechanger, Glosoolalia, Mindreading, See invisibility,
1st level: Darkvision, Discern bloodline, Discern location, Focusing chant, Moment of clarity, Portal beacon, Scholar's touch, Tongues,
Cantrips: Arcane sight, Detection,

9th level: Blinding glory, Moonfire, Undeath's eternal foe, True ressurection;
8th level: Death pact, Sure life,
7th level: Brilliant aura, Empyreal ecstasy, Phoenix fire, Radiant assault, Regenerate, Soul link,
6th level: Benign projection, Brilliant blade, Heal, Incarnum vigor, Ray of light,
5th level: Charnel fire, Dance of the unicorn, Lucent lance, Solar crown,
4th level: Deathward, Make manifest,
3rd level: Abolish shadows, Amethyst aura, Luminous assassin, Moonblade, Spark of life, Wall of light,
2nd level: City lights, Eternal lantern, Guiding light, Protection from negative energy, Solar blast,
1st level: Dawnburst,
Cantrips: Candlelight, Disruption, Cure wounds, Purify food and drink

Cure wounds (Cantrip: Cure minor wounds, 1st level: Cure light wounds, 2nd level: Cure moderate wounds, 3rd level: Cure serious wounds, 4th level: Cure critical wounds, 5th level: Mass cure light wounds, 6th level: Mass cure moderate wounds, 7th level: Mass Cure serious wounds, 8th level: Mass cure critical wounds);
Heal (6th level: Heal, 9th level: Mass heal);

(8th level: Create greater deathless
(8th level: Detoxify
(7th level: Greater restoration);

Magic Domain's Boon - Arcane Savant: you gain Lore Arcana as a bonus skill and you're able to use arcane spell trigger items as long as if you were an arcane caster of the same level of your cleric levels. If you take levels in an arcane caster level, those levels add to your cleric levels to use Channel Divinity.

Magic Domain is an exception of the Domains, since it doesnt have spells.
Every day when a cleric with the Magic Domain pray for his spells, he must choose one arcane spell for each level she's capable of casting.
She can prepare them, spontaneously cast them and fill his domain spells with them.

9th level: Abyssal rift, Anathema, Eternity of torture, Hero's blade, Maw of chaos, Mindrape, Righteous exile, Sanctify the wicked, Weredoom,
8th level: Cloak of chaos, Holy aura, Last judgement, Mantle of pure spite, Shield of law, Unholy aura,
7th level: Abyssal frenzy, Chain of sorrow, Channel celestial, Constricting chains, Hellfire storm, Pulse of hate, Ravage, Righteous smite, Word of divinity,
6th level: Bolt of glory, Celestial blood, Zealot pact;
5th level: Call inevitable, Call forth the beast, Dispel anathema, Extract gift, Mark of justice, Subvert planar essence, Sicken evil,
4th level: Call faithful servants, Call fiendish servitor, Dismissal, Moral facade, Planar binding, Planar exchange,
3rd level: Mask of the ideal, Visage of the deity
2nd level: Investiture of the devil, Rebuke, Masochism/Sadism, Mechanus mind, Vision of entropy,
1st level: Summon monster,

6th level: Storm of shards, 7th level: Rain of embers, 9th level: Rain of black tulips
6th level: Aspect of the deity, 9th level: Greater aspect of the deity)
VIsage of the deity (3rd level: Lesser visage of the deity, 6th level: VIsage of the deity, 9th level: Greater visage of the deity);
Abyssal frenzy (7th level: Abyssal frenzy, 9th level: Mass abyssal frenzy);
Channel celestial (7th level: Channel celestial, 9th level: Channel greater celestial);
Word of divinity (7th level: Blasphemy, Dictum, Holy word, Word of balance, Word of chaos);
Dispel anathema (5th level: Dispel chaos, Dispel evil, Dispel good, Dispel law);

9th level: Arboreal transformation, Nature avatar, Obedient avalanche, Shambler, Tsunami, Unyelding roots;
8th level: Control plants, Filmbulwinter, Lion's roar, Whirlwind;
7th level: Animate plants, Control weather, Great worm of the earth, Mantle of the slime lord, Maw of stone, Raise ice forest, Slime wave, Stone spiders, Swamp lung, Transmute metal to wood,
6th level: Curse of lycantropy, Fire seeds, Liveoak, Miasma, Mudslide, Ironwood, Ooze puppet, Repel wood, Sandstorm, Scalding mud, Spider curse, Spore cloak, Snow wave, Stormwalk, Tortoise shell
5th level: Baleful polymorph, Blizzard, Boreal wind, Call avalanche, Dragon ally, Dragonsight, Faithful bloodhound, Frostfell slide, Slime hurl, Tree healing, Wall of ooze, Wall of thorns,
4th level: Blinding beauty, Command plants, Moon bolt, Starvation, Wall of salt, Wall of sand, Wall of scales
3rd level: Bite of the werebeast, Enhanced shifting, Girallon's blessing, Infestation of maggots, Scales of the sea lord, Soul of the waste, Spiderskin, Tremorsense, Vipergout, Unicorn arrow, Wall of vermin, Weather eye
2nd level: Animalistic power, Blindisght, Body thorns, Counter moon, Decomposition, Fins to feet, Kelpstrand, Kuo-toa skin, Poison, Splinterbolt, Undermaster, Web;
1st level: Blood wind, Dessication, Dragontail, Enhance breath weapon, Camouflage, Catsfeet, Change size, Conjure ice beast, Extend shifting, Horrible taste, Mist call, Polymorph, Scales of the lizard, Snake's swiftness, Snowdrift, Snowsight, Summon nature ally, Summon desert ally, Wall of smoke, Wings of the dragon;
Cantrips: Create water

9th level: Absorption, End to strife, Imprisonment, Unbinding, Sublime revelry,
8th level: Binding, Dimension lock, Mind of the labyrinth, Screen, Soulbanned zone, Spread of contentment,
7th level: Antimagic ray, Sequester, Spell turning,
6th level: Antimagic field, Antilife shell, Enveloping cocoon, Exalted raiment, Repulsion, Seal portal, Starmantle
5th level: Aura of evasion, Cacophonic shield. False vision, Forbiddance, Indomitability, Ironguard, Private sanctum, Refusal, Scry trap, Telepathy block, Wall of force, Zone of respite,
4th level: Forceward, Wingbind;
3rd level: Anticipate teleportation, Antidragon aura, Break enchantment, Invoke the cerulean sign, Sudden aegis, Supress glyph, Storm shield,
2nd level: Forcecage, Silence, Nondetection, Protection from charms, Protection from dessication, Sheltered vitality, Protection from spells, Supress magic,
1st level: Arcane lock, Calm emotions, Deflect, Dispel magic, Karmic retribution, Peacebond, Protection from energy, Protection from missiles, Sanctuary, Shield other,
Cantrips: Resistance,

Sanctuary (1st level: Sanctuary, 5th level: Mass sanctuary)

9th level: Astral projection, Gate, Planar navigation, Time stop,
8th level: Adamantine wings, Capable caravel, Mastery of the sky, Maze, Portal reformat,
7th level: Body outside body, Planar bubble, Planeswalk, Reverse gravity, Submerge ship;
6th level: City stride, Cloak of the sea, Dream sight, Portal-to-portal redirect, Shadow walk, Valiant steed, Wind walk, Word of recall,
5th level: Etherealness, Evacuation rune, Lightning leap, Mirror walking, Moon path, Pocket cave, Portal barricade, Precipitate breach, Skyline runner, Shadow fade, Spirit self, Teleportation, Transformation of the deeps, Tree stride;
4th level: Enduring flight, Fire stride, Flight of the dragon, Freedom of movement, Ice ship, Raise from the deep,
3rd level: Air breathing, Blink, Dream spirit, Elation, False gravity, Gaseous form, Imperative ambulation, Node door, Passwall, Scatrering trap, Slow, Water breathing, Water walk,
2nd level: Celerity, Dimension step, Fly, Freedom of breath, Haste, Levitate, Mountain stance, Refuge, Stormrunner's ward,
1st level: Accelerated movement, Golden barding, Jump, Rooftop strider, Spider climb, Slide, Summon mount, Stand, Translocation
Cantrips: Guidance, Know direction, Sending

9th level: Exalted fury, Transcend mortality,
8th level: City's might, Crown of glory,
7th level: Cry of Ysgard,
6th level: Blade barrier, Howling chain,
5th level: Coat of arms, Draconic might, Flamestrike, Friend to foe, Righteous might, Righteous wrath of the faithful, Shardstorm, Stalwart pact, Song of discord, Valiant fury,
4th level: Battlecry, Battle hymn, Boiling oil, Good hope, HOly sword, Shadow arrow,
3rd level: Arrow split, Arrow storm, Battlemagic perception, Blade storm, Bolster aura, Dragonskin, Fell the greatest foe, Find the gap, Giant wrath, Heroism, Inevitable defeat, Ring of blades, Wreath of flames
2nd level: Blade brothers, Daggerspell stance, Hold, Opportune dodge, Proud arrogance, Spiritual weapon, Stretch weapon, Summon weapon, Swift ready, War cry,
1st level: Arrow mind, Blade of blood, Combat readiness, Command, Critical strike, Know opponent, Heroics, Ice gauntlet, Inspirational boost, Instant of power, Nerveskitter, Persistent blade, Shieldbearer, Shock and awe, Whelm,
Cantrips: Dawn, Daze,

9th level: Greater cloak of bravery,
Spiritual weapon (2nd level: Spiritual weapon, 4th level: Sword and hammer, 6th level: Greater sword and hammer);