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2016-07-22, 02:43 PM
The Interloper (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SyOXWaHP)

So here is class 6 of 3! I originally was going to make Beast Master the third martial class but I'm just going to make that a spell/feat choice for everyone that is based off their class.

The Interloper can Paragon as a Devo (whipmaster) or Master Thrower

Anyways... Still using Kryx's homebrew rules: http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/print/rJND7KpV as they are a more elegant form of what my group has used in the past. I've put my own version in the signature below and will add to them as needed. Eventually all of this will be put into a packet for my groups.

I'm looking on feedback on wording, paragons, how dynamic this class is, and pretty much what all works of homebrew need (other eyes telling me stuff I don't see).

Note: This may not be balanced with the Archer, Favored Soul, Sellsword, Shaman, or Sorcerer! Actually, I'm pretty sure it isn't. I'm putting the first draft of each class down and then I'll go back and balance them with each other.