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2016-07-25, 03:05 AM
I've recently finished watching up to the current episode of Bacon Battalion RPG's Pathfinder gameplay series, found on Youtube. I really enjoyed this series and the DM's style of storytelling. Are there other series out there with a similar style and utilizing the theater of the mind combat? I realise that there are a lot of game play streams on Twitch, but unfortunately my internet connection prohibits streaming most of the time, so I'm really looking for content that is uploaded to Youtube or similar site that allows quality options by default. I would prefer to watch/listen to games played with D&D 5e, but Pathfinder is enjoyable as well. Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks

2016-07-25, 05:21 AM
Hi James,

I enjoy the Acquisitions Incorporated games, and have been a fan of these for some time.
They have evolved with the changing of editions and my own games have been very influenced by the clever subtle things the DM, Chris Perkins brings to the table.

Other shows I watch are, Critical Role - a brilliant DM Matthew Mercer and his entire cast are Professional Voice Actors like he is, a high quality show, but each episode is hours long. Not a negative, but just letting you know.
I have been watching Force Grey: Giant Hunters, also led by Matthew Mercer with Actors/online personalities as the players, I am enjoying this a lot.
There are many others, I have also enjoyed the 5e stuff with Yoggscast when the mood strikes me.

hope you enjoy what you find out there.

2016-07-25, 05:24 AM
unintentional double post

2016-07-28, 12:03 PM
Thank you for the reply Rhiarion. I have also watched and love those 3 series, but with the exception of Force Grey the length of those videos is off putting most of the time. I tend to watch/listen to those long episodes over the course of a week.

That's something thing I like about Bacon Battalion RPG's game play videos on youtube. They break up their sessions into 45 minute to 1 hour parts. They also don't make use of a battle mat or minis, which makes listening to them when I'm not able to watch a much more enjoyable experience.

Maybe I should have asked for audio podcast suggestions, now that I think about it. :)

2016-07-28, 12:28 PM
I don't know about podcasts, but Rollplay on YouTube may be the kind of thing you are looking for. They use a battle mat for the games that require it, but they run so many different games that there's probably some you can enjoy just listening to.

Their dungeon world game was fairly enjoyable, if I remember correctly, and is a lot like d&d in most respects. I haven't seen their Solum series yet, but the later seasons were 5e. The West Marches is also mostly 5e, but they do use a battlemat over roll20 for some combats.