View Full Version : 5e Easy purple dragon knight improvement

2016-07-25, 05:54 AM
I'm playing a purple dragon knight (sword coast adventurer's guide) in a out of the abyss campaign, and I like the class but it's features could use a little extra.

The 7th level class ability royal envoy gives expertise in persuasion, but none of the other abilities do anything with the charisma stat.

So I'm going to ask my DM if I could add the following to the class in exchange for an ability score increase.
The idea is to scale the knight's inspiring and team-play features with the charisma stat.

3d level rallying cry
Heal self 1d10 + fighter level and heal up to three others for fighter level + CHA modifier

Lv7 royal envoy: no changes

Lv10: inspiring surge
Add CHA modifier to your allies's attack roll made by your inspiring surge.

Lv15: Bulwark
Add your CHA modifier to your allies' save made by your bulwark feature.

Lv18: add your CHA modifier to your allies attack and damage rolls made by your inspiring surge.

Also feel free to check my champion alternative class feature that switches out the Indomitable feature for a critical hit system.