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Human Paragon 3
2007-07-04, 08:46 PM
I've been mulling over a game system that is based on the theory of multiple intelligences for a while. For those not familiar with the theory, it is that there are different forms of intellegence, the normal IQ is one measure of it, spacial intelligence is another (throwing a ball, being aware of your surroundings). Creativity is one as well. http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/multiple_intelligences.htm

So first, I'd like a gauge of interest in a system like this, and second, any ideas on how to implement it?

2007-07-04, 08:52 PM
You mean like having three mental stats - Intelligence (facts and figures - Knowledge), Wisdom (awareness of your surroundings), and Charisma (awareness of self and other people)?

2007-07-04, 09:08 PM
My own homebrew has Intelligence split in 4 parts (All the stats are. Strength is broken into Arm, Leg, Body, Other)

Intelligence is broken into:

Logic (ability to analyze info)
Knowledge (ability to store info)
Creativity (ability to create info)
Learning (ability to absorb info)

The most common use is for figuring out an opponent style and countering it.

1) First a Learning roll to see how many attacks/actions you must witness to notice a pattern

2) Then a Logic roll vs the target's Creativity to notice an opening or flaw in thier style.

3) Then a Knowledge or Creativity roll to create a counter or remember a counter.

4) Then execute the counter

Excellent for simulating kung fu fighting, basketball, and board games.

2007-07-04, 09:13 PM
I prefer the computer standard of intelligence.

Clock speed.
Bus speed.
Memory speed.
Memory size.
Floating point capability.
It goes on....

That multiple intelligences theory isn't really about intelligence. It's about personal preferences and the presumption that someone is naturally better at what they enjoy.

So, in practice, you'd have stats based on how well you'd do with each class...
A Fighter stat (STR/DEX/CON)
A Rogue stat (DEX/INT)
A Cleric stat (WIS)
A Wizard stat (INT)
And a Bard stat (CHA).
Other classes would need their own stats, or a combination of others (Paladins might need Fighter and Cleric stats).