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2016-08-05, 12:24 PM
Proficiency in 2 skills from list, charisma and dex saves, sorcerer weapons. d6 hit die. Can use arcane focus.
Charisma based caster, selects spells from sorcerer list. Start with 2 spells known at level 2 and gain a new one at ever second level for a total of 11
Aeons use your stats and some some number of hp based on your summoner level and each get 1 spell 1/long rest in increasing level 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,and 5th
Requires an action to command your Aeon to take an action. Directing your aeon to move is free though.
Each aeon gets one overlimit 1/long rest. Overlmit takes aeon to 0hp. Max Overlmit level follows max spell levels of full casters

Summoner: Max overlimit lvl
1 - Summon Aeon(Valefor), sorcerer cantrip -
2 - 1/2 progression spellcasting, Summoning order -
3 - The greater threat, overlimit 2
4 - Ability score increase 2
5 - Additional aeon (Ifrit or Verius) 3
6 - Summoning order 3
7 - Powerful presence 4
8 - Ability score increase 4
9 - 5
10 - Additional aeon (Ixion or shiva) 5
11 - Summoning order 6
12 - Ability score increase 6
13 - 7
14 - Additional aeon (bahumat or anima) 7
15 - Aspect of the aeon 8
16 - Ability score increase 8
17 - Additional aeon (origin) 9
18 - Summoning order 9
19 - Ability score improvment 9
20 - Supreme Summoner 9

The number at the end is the Max Overlimit level but it doesnt want to format nicely.


1 Summon Aeon: You may summon an aeon as a manifistation of your power. You can summon an aeon as an unlimited number of times per day unless it is reduced to 0hp.
It can be summoned as a bonus action or an action, and dismissed as bonus action. The Aeon appears beside you and last until dismissed or reduced to 0hp. You start with Valefor at level 1. You gain more aeons as you increase in level. At level 5 you gain Ifrit or Verius. At level 10 you may choose either Ixion or Shiva. At level 14 either Bahumat or Anima and at level 17 you gain Origin. Aeons can not be healed with the exception of white magic abilities but regain all of their hp when you take a long rest.
1 Sorcerer cantrip: You learn one cantrip from the sorcerer spell list
2 - Spellcasting: Follows half spellcasting table for spell slots(see Paladin) and your spellcasting ability is charisma. Spells known as sorceror.
2 - Summoning Order: You gain access to the summoning order abilities from your chosen order at levels 2, 6, 11, and 18
3 - The greater threat: Enemies will always see your aeon as the greater threat. Unless they suceed on a wisdom save, they cant attack you while you have an aeon present. This effect ends if you make an attack or cast a spell that effects an enemy creature.
3 - Overlimit: Each Aeon gains access to their overlimit, and may use it once at the max overlimit level indicated. Using overlimit reduces the aeon to 0hp. All aeons regain their overlmit when taking a long rest.
7 - Powerful presence: While your aeon is summoned you gain advantage on all intimidation checks you make.
15 Aspect of the aeon - At level 13 whenever you have an aeon summoned, you gain resistence to the type of dmg the aeon does.
20 - Supreme Summoner: Overlimits no longer reduces aeon to 0hp but can stil only be activated by each once

Summoning orders

Order of White mages:
The order of white mages focuses on learning the power of healing so that they may protect their aeons who in turn protect them.
2 Expanded spell list(available not known - as warlock): 1 Cure wounds, 2 Lesser Restoration, 3 Revify, 4 Death ward, 5 Raise dead
2 Cura - You may expend a spell as a bonus action to heal your currently summoned aeon 1d8 per spell level
6 Shadow of their wings - When you summon an aeon within 30ft of you, you become invisible until you attack or cast a spell or you end your turn more than 30ft away from it. White mage abilities dont break this.
11 Esuna - Your touch mimics greater restoration 1/long rest - works on aeons
18 Life - Restore unconsious creature to full health 1/long rest - works on unsummoned aeons

Order of Black mages:
The order of black mages focus on mastering the arcane by both turning to arcane secrets of great wizards and imitating the abilities of their aeons to harness and enhance their destructive power.
2 Expanded spell list(available not known - as warlock): 1 Tasha's hideous laughter, 2 Nystul's Magic Aura, 3 Leomund's Tiny Hut, 4 Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, 5 Bigby’s Hand
2 Aeon Empowerment: Expend a spell slot as a bonus action to empower your aeons cantrips and spells. Add 2d8 +1d8 per spell level above 1st to a single dmg roll of the spell.
6 Aeon spellcasting: Aeons can cast their spells using your spell slots
11 Cooperative casting: When you cast a spell your aeon can cast a cantrip as a bonus action 1/short rest
18 Ultima: You become so entwined in aeon spellcasting that you learn your own overlimit. 10d8 necrotic dmg in 40ft cube. con half and cant be healed. Takes you to 0 hp if under level 20.

Uses all your stats + your proficiencies except hp and ac. Cant be healed aside from white magic.
aeon ac = 13 + dex
hp of each eaon increases with level +1 hp/level from 1-4, +2 hp/level from 5-10, +3 hp/level from 11-16, +4 hp/level from 17-20 (similiar to cantrip progression)
Each aeon has dmg resistence of the type of their type.
Aeons choose their spells from any spells list following the restrictions noted

Valefor: 13hp, pick any sorcerer cantrip and 1st level sorcerer spell
Type: psychic, Vulnerabiltiy: force
Energy Beam: line attack, on a hit does 4d6 + 2d6 for each overlmit level above 2nd to a max of 12d6

Ifrit: 23 hp, Any fire cantrip and 2nd level spell - ie firebolt, burning hands, scorching ray, burning sphere
Type: fire, Vulnerabiltiy: cold
Hellfire: 20ft radius, 6d8 + 1d8 for each level above 3rd to max of 9d8 dex half

Verius: 23 hp, Any acid cantrip and 2nd level spell - ie acid splash, melf's acid arrow
Type: acid, Vulnerabiltiy: lightning
Corrosive blast: 30ft cone, 6d6 initial dmg + 2d6 dmg at the begining of your next turn + 1d6 to each dmg for each level above 3rd to max of 9d6 + 5d6. Con half and no additional dmg.

Ixion: 38 hp, Any lighting or thunder cantrip and 3rd level - ie lightning lure, shocking grasp, thunderclap, thunderwave lightning bolt, call lightning
Type: lightning, Vulnerabiltiy: acid
Thunderstorm: Mimics chain lightning except 5 targets total and up to 30ft apart, 8d8 + 1d8 for each level above fifth to max of 10d8, dex half

Shiva: 38 hp, Any cold based - ie ray of frost, icy knife, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
Type: cold, Vulnerabiltiy: fire
Diamond dust: 60ft Cone, 8d8 + 1d8 for each level above fifth to max of 10d8, con half. A creature killed by this attack becomes a frozen statue until it thaws.

Anima: 54 hp, Necrotic cantrip and 4th - ie chill touch, vampiric touch
Type: necrotic, Vulnerabiltiy: radiant
Oblivion: 40ft cube 10d8 + 1d8 per level above 7th to max of 11d8 and dmg cant be healed, con half

Bahumat: 54 hp, radiant cantrip and 4th - ie sacred flame, guiding bolt, moonbeam, crusaders mantle, Guardian of faith, Spirit guardians,
Type: radiant, Vulnerabiltiy: necrotic
Maega flare: 20ft radius column 10d8 + 1d8 per level above 7th to max of 11d8 and blinds for a round, con half and no blindness

Origin: 68 hp, Force cantrip and 5th level - ie eldritch blast, bigbys hand, wall of force
Type: force, Vulnerabiltiy: psychic
Unmake: Choose targets in 20ft radius each takes 10d10 + 40 force dmg and anything reduced to 0hp is instantly turned to dust, con save for half