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2016-08-06, 06:24 PM
Converting more prestige classes into base classes, since pathfinder makes prestige classes increasingly irrelevant.
So this turns a mystic theurge into a half-casting class using the arcanist and 3.5's geomancer to patch the lack of class features. This would also allow for a decent replacement of the arcanist, functioning as a sort of magical jack of all trades without hopefully stepping on anyone's toes or being OP.

The Thaumaturgist (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DvcFP4KArNT4TZ--9Qwm3OYxMogN37ITJz56vv0pCE4/edit?usp=sharing)

If I've designed it right it should make a good pinch healer, blaster or countercaster depending on the knacks chosen and the spells prepared, but without outclassing a character built to fill one of those roles specfiically.

I should eventually get the recreated wizard/cleric lists out. There's quite a lot that's been pared down in the name of trying to drag prepared full-casters down a tier. The basics are that spells which emulate the effects of other spells don't exist (shadow conjuration and its ilk) or are removed from lists (wish, miracle) but preserved for the sake of other rules cases. Spells with excessive casting times, expensive material or focus components and the like are being subsumed under a series of rules to create a ritual magic system.

And last but not least, arcane casters no longer require spell component pouches, while divine casters (some exceptions) require a divine focus to cast at all.

2016-10-03, 05:50 PM
Been a while since I put this up

Any opinions at all?