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2016-08-07, 10:48 AM
So, I'll mostly just put this here with not too much fluff. Maybe I'll write some more later, but the thing is, I need this as a boss fight for a game and I don't actually have that much experience with monster brewing, so I'd appreciate if people could look it over. The basic fluff is that they are transformed priests of an undead god who can take on a humanoid shape and disguise their nature to infiltrate other temples. Statwise, they are mostly based on the Cranium Rat Pack in the Fiend Folio, as it was just very convenient to have another intelligent spellcasting swarm. I'd appreciate if people could look it over for obvious balance concerns.

Worm Priest
Medium Undead (Swarm of diminutive creatures)
HD 14d12+14 (104 HP)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Burrow 10 ft.
Init: +2
AC 13 (+2 dex ,+1 natural); touch 12; flat-footed 11
BAB +7; Grp --
Attack Swarm 3d6+maggot infestation
Space 10 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks Distraction DC 19, Spellcasting
Special Qualities Hive mind, Worms that Walk, Worm God's Veil, Regeneration 5, Darkvision 60 ft.
Saves Fort +X Ref +X Will +X
Abilities Str 4, Dex 15, Con --, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14
Skills Concentration +19, Disguise +19, Hide +9, Knowledge (Religion) +18, Move Silently +19
Feats Corpsecrafter (LM), Deadly Chill (LM), Improved Toughness, Necromantic Presence (LM)
Environment Cities, Underground
Organization Single or cult (2-4, plus 5-10 zombies, 1-6 dire maggots (LM) and 1-6 ghouls or ghasts)
Challenge Rating 7 (hopefully)
Treasure X gold; X gems; X art; X magical items
Alignment Usually chaotic evil
[Favored Class Cleric
Level Adjustment --

Worms that Walk (Ex)
The Worm Priest can take on a medium sized humanoid shape, appearing as a pale and slightly clammy looking person with a wooden expression. Doing so takes it eight hours of preparation, where the individiual worms that make up the creature secrete a cocoon that serves as the creature's skin. A DC 25 spot check will reveal that the creature is not actually humanoid under it's skin.
In humanoid form, the Worm Priest can use equipment and interact with objects full as if it was a medium sized humanoid, though it is still very weak, as its attributes don't change. In this form, it can grapple and be grappled, as well
Ripping the Worm Priest's cocoon will the wriggling worms underneath. While the creature itself is still immune to weapon damage and single target effects, as swarms are, attacks against it in humanoid shapes instead damage the cocoon. If it takes any damage, the cocoon will start to decay over one minute. 10 or more damage will immediately rend the cocoon apart, turning the worm priest back into its swarm shape. In humanoid shape, it can not fit through small spaces as a swarm could.
A worm priest can give up its humanoid shape and return to swarm shape as a move action.

Worm God's Veil (su)
While in humanoid shape, a worm priest is immune to divination effects that would reveal it's creature type or alignment, instead showing up as a true neutral humanoid.

Maggot Infestation (ex)
A creature hit by a worm priest's swarm attack has maggots deposited on it that will try to burrow into a creature's skin. On the next turn, the target takes 1 more point of piercing damage and 1 point of constitution damage. Creatures with 2 or more points of natural armor are immune to effects, as are any creatures with any kind of damage reduction.

Worm Priests cast spells as 5th level clerics. They also have access to domains, as a cleric of their level would. They have access to two of the death, destruction and evil domains.
If Spell Compendium is available, they may also choose from the darkness, deathbound, hunger and undeath domains.

Typical spells prepared:
1- Cause Fear, Doom, Inflict Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Obscuring Mist (domain)
2-Darkness, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Shatter, Desecrate (domain)
3-Blindness/Deafness, Deeper Darkness, Inflict Serious Wounds, Animate Dead (domain)

Fire deals normal damage to a worm priest, as does turning damage from a cleric's turn undead and any spell with the (good) or (light) subtypes.