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2016-08-07, 10:58 AM

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The PF Destroyer is notably weaker than the 3.5 counterpart (because the duskblade is much stronger than the magus), but I think it should still work within the confines of the system. Let me know what you guys think!

Prerequisites:+5 BAB
Spellstrike class feature
Able to cast vampiric touch as an arcane spell

HD: d12
Skill Points: 4+Int per level
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Perception, Spellcraft, Swim, and Use Magic Device.

LevelBase Attack BonusFort Save
Ref SaveWill SaveSpecial


+0 Soul Eater+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+1 Hell's Fang+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+1Belial Edge+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+1Gauntlet Hades+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+2Blood Kain+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+2Dead Spike+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+2Inferno Divider+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+3Carnage Scissors+1 level of existing spellcasting class


+3Devoured by Darkness+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3Black Onslaught+1 level of existing spellcasting class

Class Features: All of the following are class features of the destroyer.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The destroyer gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat and is proficient with his unarmed strikes. This feature does not grant any additional damage to the unarmed strikes (a Medium destroyer's unarmed strikes deal 1d3+Str damage).

Spellcasting: At each level, the destroyer gains additional spells per day and an increased caster level as if he had gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class that he already belonged to before he took this class. That spellcasting class must have the vampiric touch spell on its spell list in order to be advanced by this class feature. If the destroyer had multiple arcane classes that qualified, he chooses only one at each level up to advance.

The destroyer does not gain any additional benefits from this progression, including new spells known or free spells in a spellbook.

Soul Eater (Su): The destroyer's power comes from draining the strength of others. He loses knowledge of every arcane spell he was previously able to cast, save vampiric touch. His spell list is treated as only having the vampiric touch spell on it for the purpose of magic items like wands and scrolls. However, the destroyer is able to use any spell slot he possesses to cast vampiric touch, even lower level slots like 1st level slots.

Additionally, the destroyer can now use the Spellstrike ability at the beginning of a full attack action, as part of a charge, or with any of the abilities of this class that refer to the destroyer casting vampiric touch. A single spell imbues every attack made that round with vampiric touch. The destroyer can retain a total number of temporary hit points from vampiric touch equal to his maximum hit points, and successive temporary hit points gained from multiple casts stack with themselves until they reach this limit.

Hell's Fang (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, at the end of a charge, the destroyer may take a penalty to his Armor Class. This penalty lasts for one round, and may be any number up to the destroyer's Base Attack Bonus. If he does so, the destroyer receives the total penalty as a bonus to his caster level check made to overcome spell resistance with his vampiric touch spell for the rest of the round. If the destroyer's charge attack hits, deals damage, and successfully grants him temporary hit points with a channeled vampiric touch spell, the destroyer may make a second attack against the same creature using the same weapon at a -5 penalty.

Belial Edge (Ex): From 3rd level on, when a destroyer threatens at least one creature, he may make an Acrobatics check (DC equal to the highest CMD of the threatened creatures) as a move action. If he succeeds, he jumps vertically into the air, and may use a standard action to deliver a full-round attack to a single creature he threatens. He may not use his Spellstrike ability for this attack, but he receives a +2 bonus to his attack rolls for having higher ground than his opponent. If at least one attack hits, then at the end of the full-attack action, the destroyer may make an Overrun attempt as a free action without a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If his combat maneuver succeeds, the destroyer lands in the same square that the creature he knocked prone occupies. If his Overrun attempt fails, the destroyer himself falls prone in the creature's square, though the creature does not get a chance to Overrun him.

If the destroyer fails his Acrobatics check, he does not receive enough momentum to execute this maneuver, and he simply lands in his original square, without any attacks, his move action effectively wasted. He provokes an attack of opportunity from all enemies that threaten him.

Gauntlet Hades (Ex): Starting at level 4, a destroyer is able to attack during successful Acrobatics checks. He may make two melee attacks per Acrobatics check, one at his highest attack bonus, and one at a -5 penalty. This allows the destroyer to attack flying creatures, if his Acrobatics check is high enough. Additionally, the destroyer is always treated as if he had a running start for the purpose of his Acrobatics check DCs. A destroyer may use Spellstrike during these attacks.

Blood Kain (Ex): At level 5, a destroyer is able to power the darkness inside him with his own life force. Activating this ability is a free action. It grants the destroyer a +6 untyped bonus to his Strength score and automatically applies the Empower Spell feat to any vampiric touch spell the destroyer casts with no increase in casting time or spell level, but the destroyer takes 3d8 points of damage per turn. This ability lasts for 5 rounds, after which the destroyer becomes exhausted. A destroyer may not enter this state while he is fatigued or exhausted, and may only use Blood Kain once per encounter.

Dead Spike (Ex): At level 6, the destroyer is able to use a single blow to knock his opponent senseless. As a standard action, the destroyer may make a single melee attack at his highest attack bonus. If he succeeds, the destroyer affects the creature he hit as if he had the Awesome Blow feat (ignoring all size restrictions). If the destroyer actually possesses the Awesome Blow feat, he gets a +4 bonus on his combat maneuver check. The destroyer may use Spellstrike with this feature.

Inferno Divider (Ex): Beginning at level 7, a destroyer is able to add an Acrobatics check to his attack roll, and drag his opponent with him. This grants the destroyer momentum similar to a charge. As a full-round action, the destroyer makes a single melee attack roll at his highest attack bonus, as well as a high jump Acrobatics check. He receives a +2 bonus on his attack roll. If he hits, the creature takes damage and flies into the air along with the destroyer, climbing as high as the destroyer jumped. If the destroyer is able to jump at least 5 feet into the air, he receives an additional attack against his target at a -5 penalty. The destroyer may then either allow the creature to fall or attempt a third attack against it.

If the destroyer allows the creature to fall, it flies backward from the force of the destroyer's attack. The destroyer makes a Bull Rush check as a free action without a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. He may not move with the creature, and if his check fails, the creature does not get to Bull Rush him, and instead lands on its feet in its original square, taking no falling damage.

If the destroyer attempts to attack the creature a third time, he takes a -10 penalty to the attack roll, but if he succeeds, the creature is forced down into the ground. The creature falls and takes falling damage as if it were 20 feet higher in the air than it actually was.

Regardless of the destroyer's decision, the destroyer lands in his original square, taking no falling damage.

The destroyer may only Spellstrike on the third attack of Inferno Divider, but if that attack hits, the destroyer gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the total damage dealt (including his weapon's damage and any effects on his weapon such as frost).

Carnage Scissors (Ex): If the destroyer is able to drain enough power from his victims, he can unleash devastating attacks. Starting at 8th level, if the destroyer has at least 30 temporary hit points that came solely from his vampiric touch spell, the destroyer is able to consume all of his remaining temporary hit points and charge. To use Carnage Scissors, the destroyer must use his Hell's Fang class feature, taking at least a -5 penalty to his AC. If he is able to make a second attack, and that attack hits, it automatically threatens a critical hit. A destroyer may only use Carnage Scissors once per encounter.

Devoured by Darkness (Su): A destroyer never goes down. He is able to draw power from his opponents' very souls! Beginning at 9th level, a destroyer under the effect of the Blood Kain class feature and who has at least 45 temporary hit points may attempt to drain his opponent's life force away.

The destroyer must cast his vampiric touch spell and deliver it through an actual melee touch attack, rather than channeling it through his weapon. If his spellcasting and attack succeeds, the destroyer treats the vampiric touch spell as if it were the harm spell instead, though it deals untyped damage instead of negative energy damage and does not heal undead. (In essence, he changes the amount of damage it deals from 1d6 per 2 levels to 10/level). The creature he touches is allowed a Will saving throw, DC 16+the destroyer's primary casting modifier (with other bonuses that would pertain to the harm spell, such as Spell Focus (Necromancy), if the destroyer has them) for half damage. The destroyer then restores health equal to the damage dealt. (Unlike the vampiric touch spell, this is a true healing effect and thus cannot give the destroyer more hit points than his maximum).

A destroyer may only use Devoured by Darkness once per encounter. Using Devoured by Darkness immediately ends the destroyer's Blood Kain effect and exhausts him.

Black Onslaught (Su): Finally, at level 10, the destroyer awakens to his true nature as an incarnation of Death itself. Once per day, the destroyer may make a single melee attack at his highest attack bonus as a full-round action. If he hits, he may make another attack using the same weapon against the same creature at the same attack bonus. This continues until the destroyer's attack misses or until he chooses to stop. If the destroyer reduces a creature's hit points to -10 or below using Black Onslaught, the creature's remains are completely destroyed, as the disintegrate spell, and its soul is sealed inside the destroyer's weapon, as the soul bind spell. Neither effect allows a saving throw. The destroyer immediately recovers all of his lost hit points (he heals enough to put him at maximum) and then gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the total amount of damage he dealt the creature with his Black Onslaught ability, up to the creature's maximum hit points +10. These temporary hit points fade after 8 hours.

There is no limit to the number of souls a destroyer can hold within a single weapon, but if his weapon is Sundered, all souls that he trapped inside it escape and may be resurrected again. A destroyer may use Black Onslaught with natural weapons, but he may not bind any souls except with a manufactured weapon. (for the purposes of this class feature, an unarmed strike is always considered a natural weapon, and never a manufactured weapon)