View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next 5e Barbarian Archetype for a pirate/sea campaign.

2016-08-11, 04:23 AM
Evening all,
I was after a Barbarian archetype to go well with a pirate campaign. Mainly as one of my NPC's but I want to be able to offer it to the players as well, I've had a bit of a look on here and haven't found something a long the right lines, if there is something on here that you think I should look at, please link me, and anything else. I did find the pathfinder Sea Reaver archetype but I'm not sure how well that adds up to 5, seems to have less in it than the 5e archetypes.
More on the NPC, each of my pirate lords are cursed with one of the seven deadly sins, in this case it's the obvious choice of barbarian for the wrath sin, the NPC's don't so much embody the sin but rather it dominates their combat and command of their crews. I want them to be beatable by the PC's at around level 15.
Any suggestions, links, slaps in the face with "here is what you're looking for" would be appreciated, thanks.
- Chuck

2016-08-15, 02:08 PM
A shark-themed barbarian path courtesy of Submortimer, perhaps?