View Full Version : [D20 Modern] [Advanced Class] Paper Master

2007-07-05, 01:31 PM
Hi all. I've never homebrewed much before, but I'm trying to work on a d20 Modern campaign to be set in the world of the animes Read or Die and R.O.D the TV. This requires the creation of a "Paper Master" class--basically, super-powered bibliophiles who can turn paper into a weapon.

I've seen attempts for D&D but not Modern. Obviously, if you are familiar with the series, that will help immensely. But even if you're NOT familiar, any comments on general mechanics will be appreciated. This is very much a WiP. Note that this is designed for a high-power level, cinematic game.

Because it's lengthy (because of talent/ability descriptions), I prefer to point you to the write-up here; hope that's okay:


There is a more detailed (very lengthy) description and build notes here:


Suggestions for streamlining the system, consistency, and balance appreciated. Bonus virtual chocolate chip cookies if anyone can provide ideas for a way to track paper.