View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Warblade adaption?

2016-08-14, 06:30 AM
So one of my players was asking for a possible equivalent of a swordsage's monk adaption ability, but for a warblade.

Now thematically, I have an issue, but realistically, there is no reason a "warblade" couldn't gain extra unarmed damage in the same way a "swordsage" can.

Now I understand the argument that SS = Monk Upgrade, CD = Paladin Upgrade, WB = Fighter/Swashbuckler Upgrade, but fighters can build unarmed if done correctly.

So two questions for you guys:

1) Should I even consider allowing an adaption like this?


2) lets say I do, Monk's Unarmed Strike Progression <- Light Armor, but what about medium armor? Obviously Medium requires light, but not many things require a monks unarmed strike progression. An opinion on the table was Intelligence to AC but i don't think the warblade needs to get an improvement like that...

Thanks, srgtsilent

2016-08-15, 01:02 AM
Question: Do you have ways to enchant your unarmed strike in your game.

Specifically weapon qualities not just enhancement bonuses. Because monk unarmed strike is generally a worse option than martial weapon at all levels unless you do (collision greatsword is 2d6+5+1-1/2 strength damage for 12 + 1-1/2 Str damage, 20th level unarmed strike is 2d10+Str for 11 + Str damage, ability to use a shield along with it and hold things in your hands is an advantage).

Question 2: Is the player going to just use unarmed strikes or try something like dual-wielding a greatsword with their unarmed strike or some such?

If the answer is no and then just unarmed strikes... you could give monk unarmed damage to all full BAB classes and have trouble noticing especially without Ki Strike and Flurry (because weapon remains a dominant option unless you separate them from their weapon or destroy gear).

Honestly I'd remove Medium Armor proficiency and let them keep Light and call it a day. It hurts (you lose mithral full plate which is +3 AC over mithral breastplate) but they can take Snap-Kick for... +8 damage over a normal warblade taking snap-kick (still Improved Unarmed Strike helps with some feat stuff).

If they can get Weapon Special Qualities on unarmed strikes it becomes more powerful and becomes more of a question.