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2016-08-15, 02:02 PM
So as a result of some discussions my brain has gotten percolating on a fairly major overhaul of 3.5 D&D. I don't want to go into too many details but one of the core aim's/consequences is a general down tiering of various stat scalings and changing all defences to a save mechanic. In the case of AC i achieved this by separating it into 2, (possibly 3, aren't sure what i'm going to do with Natural Armour yet, (EDIT: see below)), stats. The first, AC, represents simply taking the hit and shrugging it off because your combination of armour and whatever else makes you too well protected to be hurt. The second Deflection represents anything that lets you not get hit in the first place.

What i very quickly realised is that these two concepts map onto Con and Reflex pretty well as saves. Potentially i can just replace them which fits my general, (and very extensive), magic rework. What i can't do that with is Will. I could fob off some aspects, (i.e. spotting an illusion for what it is), on the skill system, (Hi spot checks), but things like "your mind makes it real" damage and resisting status debuffs don't work that way, and i can't see a way that doesn't involve magic item christmas treeing at 1st level to fit it into things. ASO i'm coming to you.

Bear in mind the following when brainstorming:

1. This is a serious level rework so i don't mind having to heavily rework a class to make things fit. For example the Monk is going to need some work to have good con equivelent save capabilities. Thats fine.

2. Multi-classing has taken some big hits and proficiencies are hard to come by so you can't just dip levels for cool stuff anymore or burn a feat to get awesome AC.

3. AC is entirely equipment based, (i think i''ll make Nat Armour get the con bonus and let you sub it for AC in situations where you can't use both, minimum non-con Nat Armour of 1 to use at all ofc), and Deflection has a strong equipment basis, though more in the way of feats and Dex will apply. In effect the bulk of your AC and Deflection will be there at level 1, increasing only slightly as money lets your afford the best in category armour tier and/or you get feats and/or class features from levels for Deflection. In effect the scaling is large class dependent amount from equipment and lass features at level one and small increase from non-magical equipment upgrades and class features over the next few levels. This doesn't rule out high level bonuses, but they're rarer.

4. Ability score modifiers have dropped a lot, +7 is the new equivalent of the old +11, and i'll be going out of my way to try and make it worth it to pick up more than one or two cores for most classes so you'll see less of the upper maximum anyway.

5. All saves as well as attack rolls are being made against fixed DC 20, (hence why AC got split), almost nothing modifies this. As a result a poor value is in the 5 point range, whilst a good value is up to around 14 points. 16 is extreme and anything over 16 should either be both very rare and highly situational, (for example a full defence action on a full BAB class at 20 with feats and a specific build built for deflection could push deflection above 16 in some cases) with serious downsides attached.

6. SoD is dead dead, dead, dead, i subjected it to itself and it failed it's own save.

K now brainstorm away.