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2016-08-17, 10:43 AM
Dear Giants!

We turn to you to help us find answers to questions related to our work and passion, a new online turn-based multi-player arena game we make, called HeroGrinder.

This time we would like to know how you would solve full-auto fire mode for guns in a d20 system.

We have studied many d20 rpgs (StarGate, Cthulhu, StarWars, etc) and came up with our own solution:

- Player decides how many rounds to fire in chunks of 10s (so 10, 20, 30, etc, upto the magazin size).

- Each bullet is rolled as a separate attack with a -2 penalty / 10 bullets fired.

- You can arc the fire in a line, or a 30, 60 or 90 degrees cone. In case of a cone, the bullets are traced for each line in the arc starting from the middle of the cone. So there might be more bullets on one line in case of a narrow arc and more bullets.

- You can have only one target per full-auto fire mode (whatever the size of the cone) and the rest of the bullets is fired as a "rogue bullet". Rogue bullets have a miss chance of 50% representing unintended (untargeted) firing of the weapon.

- The fumble chance grows to 1-2 in full-auto firing mode (instead of the default 1).

Other firing modes to compare to:

- The burst fire mode shoots 3 bullets at a single target with a -2 penalty to the attack.

- Only the single shot firing mode allows the player to add precision damage which consists of its Dex modifier, feats, sneak damage if any.

Our aim was to remove high damage from single bullets in full-auto and to give weight to single shots.

Please let us know if you like this or if you have a more balanced and better solution to this problem.

Thank you very much for your feedback,
The HeroGrinder Team