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2016-08-17, 05:41 PM
Punch-Witch Heritage (Sorcerous Origin)

Some people are born with the blood of dragons or gods in their veins, wielding terrible magical powers. This is not for them. This is for those that have always felt violence boil in their blood, who have always wanted to just break faces with their fists.

1 - Arcane Scrapper
You've always preferred getting all up in someone's face to keeping your distance - this is reflected on how you use your magic. You gain proficiency in light armor, and may choose to replace any ranged spell attack a spell or cantrip calls for with a melee spell attack.

6 - Up Close and Personal
You score a critical hit on a 19-20 whenever you make a melee spell attack. If the spell didn't already deal damage, the target takes 1d8 bludgeoning damage - this damage is considered to have been dealt by the spell.

14 - Tough as Nails
When the going gets tough, you get going. Whenever you make a Strength or Constitution check, you may spend a sorcery point to make a Charisma check instead. If you spend an additional point, you may make the Charisma check with Proficiency - this cost is waived if you had Proficiency on the original check.

18 - Megaton Punch
Whenever you make a melee spell attack, you may put your all into it. If you do so, you have Advantage on the attack, and your target has Disadvantage on any saves involved. However, any attacks made against you until the beginning of your next turn are made with Advantage.

I'm not sure if this is too weak or too strong. Oh well.

2016-08-18, 01:19 AM
Feels more like an archetype for the Fighter or an arcane Monk Tradition. That said, here we go lol

Arcane Scrapper
- It needs to feel more like the core of this sub-class so build the other features around it. You don't get Extra Attack so there has to be a good reason for it beyond being able to cast otherwise ranged spells in melee without disadvantage. Perhaps you can come up with new ways to use Sorcery Points to augment this?

Up Close and Personal
- Improved Crit is a bad idea unless you can make as many attacks as a Fighter. The 1d8 damage to otherwise harmless spells might as well be removed and just state that you deal your unarmed strike damage. It doesn't make sense that the damage is considered to come from the spell because non-damaging spells you target an enemy with are intended to be bad for them in other ways.

Tough As Nails
- Highly questionable that it's made for a Sorcerer. Shove a creature or grapple with a CHA check? Feels like an attempt to involve the Sorc in melee activities and remain fairly SAD.

Megaton Punch
-Too close to the Barbarian's Reckless Attack feature which is acquired much much earlier.

A Sorcerer can be very flexible with how he casts the lesser (vs a wizard) number of spells he knows (which still reaches 9th level). There needs to be a reason for him to adjust his metamagic and spells known to work with the melee component you wish to add. This is aggravated by the d6 HD of the class which makes him too soft to be in melee for longer than a few rounds at best. As it is, the sub-class just derived features from other melee classes and don't really synergize with the Sorcerer's shtick.