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2007-07-06, 09:36 AM
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"Have you ever wondered what happens to a sun when it dies? Yes, even the mighty sun, which has traveled our skies for ages that we've forgotten about forgetting, will one day die. So is death the end for our sun? Is death truly the end for anything in this world? Nay, and I know what happens to the sun when it dies... What happens to the sun's soul..."

Raze, The Soul of the Sun

((Art by Dani (http://danismuffins.deviantart.com/)))

Many claim to know Raze's origins, but none can actually prove their claims. Some say Raze is the reincarnation of a long dead sun, wandering the planes in search of a place where he may once again become a star. Others say he is the result of a foolish wizard who sought to harness and control the power of a sun for their own gain. Others claim he is the keeper of all of the stars' true names. None of these theories can be confirmed nor discredited, as Raze refuses to talk about himself, and for some reason divination spells that pry into one's past always seem to fail on Raze. What is known is that he is neither friend nor foe to most, but those that do manage to garner his favor may receive a powerful blessing.

Large Outsider
Hit Dice: 35d8 + 315 (Con) + 120 (Epic Toughness) (575 HP)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 50 (+5 Dex, +36 natural, -1 size), touch 14, flat-footed 45
Base Attack/Grapple: +20/+43
Attack: +10 Fiery Blast Vicious Wounding Halberd +47 (2d8 + 6d6 fire + 2d6 + 26 + 1 con damage, 19-20/x3 +2d6 +9d6 fire)
Full Attack: +10 Fiery Blast Vicious Wounding Halberd +47/42/47/42 (2d8 + 6d6 fire + 2d6 + 26 + 1 con damage, 19-20/x3 +2d6 +9d6 fire)
Space/Reach: 10ft/10ft
Special Attacks: The Sun's Presence, The Sun's Touch, Solar Flare, Withering Gaze
Special Qualities: Outsider Traits, Invigorating Flames, The Sun's Flames, The Sun's Blessing, The Sun's Demise, DR 20/-, SR 45, Fast Healing 10
Saves: Fort +28, Ref +24, Will +24
Abilities: Str 32, Dex 20, Con 28, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 30
Skills: Concentration + 24, Intimidate + 20, Listen + 20, Spellcraft +19, Spot +20
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Weapon Focus (halberd), Improved Critical (halberd), Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Overwhelming Critical (halberd), Epic Toughness (x4)
Challenge Rating: 35 (?)
Treasure: Double standard
Alignment: LN
Advancement: None
Level Adjustment: -


Raze's overall shape is humanoid, with two arms, two legs, and a torso, standing around eight foot tall. His head is bovine in shape, giving him an appearance not far separated from the minotaurs. Most of his skin is made of some kind of dull black stone, though there is a patch of clear, crystalline material on his chest, in the area where a human heart would be located, and another on his right forearm.

The first thing one would notice when looking at this monster would definitely be his horns. They emerge from his temples and curve upward like a bullís, tapering to sharp points. They appear to be made of the same sort of clear crystal as the patches on his body, and through them one can clearly see the magma that flows through him like blood. The glow given off by his molten life-fluid forms a crimson halo of fire about his head. Just below and in front of his horns, his eyes are set deep within his skull, glowing like small embers. His stone eyebrows are exaggerated and seem set in a permanent scowl. A snout extends from below his eyes, with nostrils that constantly emit blackened smoke set at its end. His mouth is filled with teeth that, judging by appearance, might be made of obsidian or a similar material. These teeth follow a more-or-less bovine model, with the addition of a few more canines towards the front. When he opens his mouth, the same ember-like glow that lights his eyes can be seen in the back of his throat.

His body follows a model similar to an extremely muscular human male. Broad, powerful shoulders lead to muscular arms. His chest is barrel shaped, and it almost looks like muscle has been chiseled into the living stone that forms his torso. Most of his height comes from his body, but not so much that his strong-looking legs seem stunted. His hands have four broad fingers with no fingernails, with the same to be said for his toes.

He wears plated leggings that appear to be made of some kind of obsidian-like substance, often shining with reflected light. A small breastplate made of a silvery material covers the crystalline patch on his chest, and another shaped like a bracer covers the patch on his forearm. The patches are slightly larger than the protections, and so the light radiated by his magma blood shines through these, putting his plate armor in constant silhouette. He carries a gigantic spear with him at all times, strapped to his back when it isnít being used. It is roughly seven and a half-foot long, including the head. The shaft is made of the same material as his leggings, while the head appears to be made of something resembling ruby. Not only is the large spearhead topped with a well-sharpened tip, but it also has bladed edges, making it useful for both stabbing and slashing.


Raze is usually loath to enter combat, but when he does, he is brutally efficient in neutralizing his foes. He'll usually start a battle by using Solar Flare, and then move in for melee, using Withering Gaze to weaken foes as he approaches. In melee, if he finds himself taking damage (when he gets to half of his maximum HP) he'll respond by using a maximize fireball or Meteor Swarm in melee, simultaneously harming his foes and healing himself, repeating this process until he either slays his foes or needs to run. He is not above running away if he finds himself outmatched, as rare as that may be. If for some reason he is expecting the battle or actually desires to fight, he'll open with Elemental Swarm instead.

Spell-like Abilities (Sp): At will: Fireball, Scorching Ray, Daylight, Summon Monster III (small fire elemental only). 3/day: Maximized Fireball, Greater Dispel Magic, Summon Monster VI (large fire elemental only), Wall of Fire. 1/day: Delayed Blast Fireball, Elemental Swarm (fire only), Fire Storm, Incendiary Cloud, Meteor Swarm, Sunburst. Caster level 35.

The Sun's Presence (Su): Raze's body radiates an incredible amount of heat. In a area 40 ft. around Raze, the sweltering heat saps others strength. All creatures that lack fire resistance within this area must make a fortitude save (DC 27) or become fatigued. The effects of Endure Elements negates this effect. Within 20 ft., the save DC becomes 29 and the effect cannot be negated by Endure Elements. Within 10 ft., others take 1d6 fire damage per round, and must make a fortitude save (DC 32) or become exhausted. If the subject is wearing metal armor, they take an additional 1d4 fire damage. All saves are charisma based.

The Sun's Touch (Su): Raze may make a touch attack against a target. If it is successful, the target takes 5d6 fire damage. In addition, if the target is wearing metal armor, it becomes searing hot (as if the second rough of Heat Metal) and they take an additional 2d4 damage, and an additional 1d4 damage the next round as their armor remains hot to the touch. If the target isn't wearing heavy armor, instead, they combust, taking 1d6 damage per round for 1d4 rounds. If Raze grapples or is being grappled, the other grappler is subject to this ability as well at the beginning of Raze's turn, +1d6 for each round of the grapple. For example, if Raze grapples a target for 2 rounds, on the third, he will deal 8d6 fire damage to them with this ability.

Solar Flare (Su): As a swift action, Raze may snap his fingers and cause an incredibly bright flash of light. All within a 60 ft. radius must make a will save (DC 30) or be permanently blinded. Those that make the save are instead dazzled for 1d6 rounds. The save is charisma based.

Withering Gaze (Su): As a swift action, Raze may lock eyes with a target up to three times per day. This target is subject to a effect identical to Horrid Wilting (20d6 damage, fortitude save DC 28 half; the save DC is charisma based.)

Invigorating Flames(Su): Fire damage invigorates Raze and heals his wounds. He gains hit-points equal to half of any fire damage he would normally take. He can gain temporary hit points this way. Raze has no maximum capacity for temporary hit points. Raze loses any temporary hit points he gains with this ability at a rate of 1 HP/minute.

The Sun's Flames (Su): The fire Raze produces is harmful even to creatures that normally thrive on flames. Raze ignores the first twenty points of fire resistance. If a subject would normally be immune to fire damage, it either takes half the normal fire damage or is treated as having fire resistance 20 (subject's choice).

The Sun's Blessing (Su): As a full round action, Raze may place a blessing on another willing target. The process involves touching the target (who is therefore subjected to damage from The Sun's Touch as well as damage from The Sun's Presence). The blessing provides the subject with permanent fire resistance 20 and the ability to use Scorching Ray as a spell-like ability three times per day.

The Sun's Demise (Su): When he reaches zero HP, Raze explodes violently, dealing 30d10 damage to everything within a 60 ft. radius. This explosion consumes Raze's armor and his weapon.


So, yeah. My entry in GitP Monster Competition X. It didn't do so well there, but I'd like to see it in MitP, if other members would have it so.

2007-07-06, 09:56 AM
I thought I'd see this somewhere before. I like it as a monster, but it seems way too rare, so Mitp: No