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2016-08-22, 12:37 PM
So I have a character concept that isn't really working out with any of the core rules I can find.

Essentially, I want to play as a nature-mage--think Radagast the Brown--but cannot find any rules for it.

A multiclass wizard-druid isn't focused enough for my tastes, but neither class fully satisfies what I want.

Do you know of any classes, or have any advice on creating classes, that fill this concept?

-Important scores Int and Wis
-little/no combat ability
-Focuses on spellcasting
-dabbles in both druid and wizard spells, but otherwise is wizard-like caster
-Has wilderness survival skills like druid or ranger, as well as natural lore.

2016-08-22, 02:50 PM
Which edition? I mean I'd be guessing 5th or 3rd but I can't tell from the post.

2016-08-22, 03:49 PM
If its 5e then I would say Bard you get some druid and some wizard also no damage based. But you have to deal with cha instead of wiz and int.

2016-08-24, 11:56 AM
Which edition? I mean I'd be guessing 5th or 3rd but I can't tell from the post.

I haven't decided between the two yet.

If you can give advice with either, I'm open to it.

2016-08-24, 12:25 PM
3rd it's relatively simple.

Add wilderness skills to wizard skill list.
Option increase skill points to 4 + Int.
Look at Wizard spell list remove some spells.
Look at Druid spell list add some druid spells to the wizard spell list.
Depending upon spells removed vs spells added they may still end up the strongest class in the game with right PrCs and high op, in general druid will remain stronger (at most optimization levels druid is just stronger than everyone else regardless) due to its built in combat skills (i.e. wild shape, natural spell, medium BAB, and its animal companion) but hey that's the starting point for wizard.

The laziest way would be instead of hunting through the spell-lists to go you lose Conjuration, Necromancy, and Evocation (as the 3 schools which fit for Radagast least in my mind) and cannot specialize but gain the full druid spell list, or possibly just the PHB version, +2 skill points per level, and Handle Animal, and Survival as class skills. The more books in play the more schools to make them trade for Druid spells (notably Frostburn has the best druid spells in the game), you could also make them give up Druid Conjuration/Evocation/Necromancy which would be notably weaker (druids are actually strong Summoners, and healing is Conjuration, and Frostburn made them better evocation blasters than wizards).

2016-08-24, 12:32 PM
Here's a 3.5 homebrew idea (good luck getting a GM to agree to it).

Take the wizard chassis, swap out the spell list for the druid's + 1 specialism of choice. (EG, you could be a Druid-Illusionist, or a Druid-Necromancer etc). You do not gain the specialisation bonuses however.

Stack the wizard gear restrictions on top of the Druid gear restrictions.

Swap out the wizard bonus feats for the more characterful but less powerful druid class abilities (no animal companion or wild shape for you).

Increase skill points to 4+int, add survival, knowledge (nature) etc to your class skill list.

Less powerful than either overall, but still clearly Tier 1.