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2016-08-22, 07:15 PM
So making an adventure for my party this is what I have so far.

Party receives quest to find missing person(let's call him bob for now), so they go to Bob's house there they find that the place has been ransacked and that the perpetrators are still there. They dispatch the men and find out that the men are city watch members. From searching the house they find some clues one showing that Bob frequently attended the Burring Ring. After some inquiry they eventually find the ring where they only get access by having one of them fight in the ring while the others investigate. At the burning ring they find that Bob had outstanding and outrageous debts with the Boromar Clan. After they leave the Burning Ring the party in confronted by the watch (whether they come quietly or not is on them). Turns out the watch is working for the Boromar Clan, who have come to collect one way or another. They offer the PCs a way to pay it by taking out two Daask holdings. The PCs do this but after still haven't found Bob.

What happened to Bob is that he was kiddnapped by Kalphan Riak and the Aurum who are working with the Lords of the Dust to sacrificing 15 souls each one embodying one of the Dark Six or one of the Sovereign Host in order to summon a powerful demon. The Lords of the Dust promised them $$$ and

Things I'd need help on.

How did Bob get mixed up in all of this?
I plan on having them go to 3 more locations including Morgrave University and The Korranath before the climax where should the 3rd place be?
Who is hiring the PCs to find Bob?
What clues should lead the PCs to other locations?
Which clue leads the PCs to the final conflict?
Other suspects?
Where should the climax be?

Fable Wright
2016-08-23, 05:17 AM
Some ideas.

1. Bob got mixed up in this due to some very, very poor life choices. The Lords of Dust wound up picking him because the Prophecy was surprisingly specific on who could fill the roles of the fifteen, and he was the only one who fit the criteria of the Mockery.

2. The undercity of Sharn has plenty of unique locations, especially around Daask holdings. Maybe they find one of Bob's personal belongings at a Daask location, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone.

3. Your choice of a Radiant Cult, a Cult of the Dragon Below, or the Lords of Dust themselves. The former two because even evil cults look after their own, and Bob was an upstanding member of their messed up little community; the latter because the Lords of Dust specifically need a demon-summoning ritual interrupted by heroic individuals to advance their plan of freeing the Overlord. If push comes to shove, they may drop a few more clues for the PCs to pick up on; they really need Bob to get saved this time.

4. If they interrogate some people from the Daask clan holdings they raid, either with Speak with Dead or by capturing some prisoners, the Daask members remember being well-paid by someone with a distinctive-looking Aurum ring to kidnap Bob and turn him over on the specified date. They find out about the Burning Ring due to a distinctive personal artifact of Bob's left around the house, and they find about Bob's debts due to some boorish patrons at the Burning Ring saying that if anyone has him, the Boromar probably seized him after failing to repay gambling debts.

5. They bust heads in the Korranath looking for a specific individual until they find out that he's gone to a specific graveyard or something. Alternatively, when they get a description of the kidnapper, they just head to the Finder's Guild and hire a PI to find out where he is.

6. I dunno, really.

7. How about the Mausoleum of Gath? Unexpectedly, Gath was somehow kidnapped by the Lords of Dust and is bound up to be sacrificed along with everyone else (representing the Keeper). As a bonus reward for the extra effort they put in (above and beyond the reward they were promised), the lich might actually owe them a favor for saving him that they can cash in later on.