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2016-08-23, 01:15 AM
These are created to be weapons for Shoor Vandree in my version of Out of the Abyss (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?498258-CR-5-Solo-Boss-Monster-Variant-Elite-Drow-Warrior-Created-for-OotA-PEACH).
After the adventurers kill him (in my version, Shoor will be the boss of Chapter 1), the adventurers will obtain these two items.

The Anesthetizer
Weapon (shortsword), rare, requires attunement
Appearance and Origins. A blade of eerily beautifully craft, with an obsidian hilt carved into the shape of a spider. Its size makes it suitable for holding in a single hand, and being easy to handle due to its lightness, allows its wielder to make sharp thrusts at the weak points of an enemy.
There are Elvish words carved into the blade, reading - “May there be vehement punishment of the Spider Queen to those who oppose my master”.
The Anesthetizer is a special weapon that is inherited among the chief guardian of major outposts. Its paralyzing effect (bestowed upon the blade through a special ritual, channeling the power of Lolth into the obsidian) is used to stun enemies, especially traitors that attempt to harm the commander of the outpost - and after that awaits a certain and painful death. Its original owner was Jorlan, but after his loss of prestige, Shoor took the ownership by force, the memory serving as a grim reminder of his superiority.
Effects. While attuned to this item, you gain the following benefits:
Improved Critical. Your attack rolls with this weapon are considered Critical Hits with a roll of 19 or 20. If your rolls of 19 are already treated as Critical Hits, a 18 is treated as a Critical Hit as well.
Anesthetize. When you score a critical hit with this weapon, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw (DC: 8+ Your Proficiency Bonus + Your STR or DEX modifier, whichever is higher) or become paralyzed. The target repeats the saving throw at the end of each of his turns, and if he succeeds, the effect ends. This ability is considered magical.

The Spidersilk Whip
Weapon (whip), rare, requires attunement
Appearance and Origins. The Spidersilk Whip is crafted by sinking spidersilk into a special substance created from spider venom, several types of fungi (the equivalent of herbs in religious rituals of the surface world), and the blood of sentient humanoids that becomes a sacrifice to the Spider Queen. While its name says “Whip”, there are in fact three whips that produce from the handle, each of them ivory white and constantly writhing like snakes. Each whip is normally only about 5 feet long, but when its wielder commands it, it can magically extend to be much longer.
The Spidersilk Whip is a complex weapon that requires exclusive mastery and dedicated training. It is wielded by controlling the magical force that is embedded within the whips, allowing its wielder to move the three whips around freely as though it were part of his body, grasping and tugging forward enemies or hurling them away, but this is not an easy task. Most cannot even move a single whip, even after months of training. To master this weapon is considered a great accomplishment in drow society.
Effects. While attuned to this item, you gain the following benefits, corresponding to your martial character level*:
Improved Range. If the wielder is level 5 or higher, the whip’s range increases to 15 feet.
If the wielder is level 9 or higher, the whip’s range increases to 20 feet.
If the wielder is level 13 or higher, the whip’s range increases to 25 feet.
If the wielder is level 17 or higher, the whip’s range increases to 30 feet.
In the below effects, the attack range of the whip is shown as “X feet”.
Improved Mastery. If the wielder is level 13 or higher, the whip is treated as a +2 weapon.
If the wielder is level 17 or higher, all attacks made with this whip have advantage.
Venomous Grasp. When you make an attack with this whip, if this is the only attack you make during this turn, the target must then succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned (at the end of each of the target’s turns, the target can repeat the saving throw to end this effect). You can then tug the target in your direction up to X feet.
At level 13, the DC of the saving throw increases to 15.
At level 17, the DC of the saving throw increases to 17.
Tug Two Targets. (Level 5 or higher) Make two attacks with this whip as an action. The hit targets take 1d4 slashing damage (no ability modifiers added), and are then each moved in a direction you desire up to X feet (they can be different directions).
Tug Yourself. (Level 9 or higher) You can use an bonus action to grasp a stalagmite or other ideal object within X feet of you using this whip, and control the whip so you are propelled into the direction of the object up to X feet without using your movement.
Evade. (Level 9 or higher) As a reaction, you grasp a stalagmite or other ideal object within X feet of you using his whip, and control the whip so you are flung into the air, escaping from an attack such as a dragon’ s breath. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, by using your reaction, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail. After that, you are pulled up to X feet in the direction of the grasped object.

*Martial Character Level: Barbarian, Valor Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Bladelock, Bladesinger.

Range was longer (20 at level 5, 30 at level 9, 40 at level 13, 50 at level 17). Poisoning gave you advantage on attack rolls against the poisoned target.

2016-08-23, 06:41 PM
I really like the Anesthetizer. It's simple yet deadly. I especially like the bit about traitors while Shoor, a traitor, is the current owner.

The Spidersilk Whip is just crazy. Not necessarily crazy op, but crazy. I like the idea and flavor of it. I do think it's very strong. I'm not sure what your intended power level is, but it provides so much control.
First off, I think the range increases too much. Personally I'd change it so instead of the normal 10ft whip range, it starts as 5ft (and maybe unusable by characters under level 3 or whatever) to represent its lore better. Then increase from there... 10 at 5, 15 at 9, 20 at 13, 25 at 17. This is mostly because of Tug Two Targets. Being able to place two targets anywhere 20-50 ft around you, with no save by targetting AC, is crazy good. Also I'd like to point out that this allows a Valor Bard or Blade Singer to make two attacks at level 5, and would free up the Bladelock's Invocation. Or are the attack not meant to deal damage? It's a bit unclear.
Tug yourself is nice, explicitly allows what a lot of players attempt to do with whips anyways. However it further increments the control issue. Forced movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks, and if you're being pulled it could be argued it's forced movement. Plus it's a Bonus Action.
This means the player will basically look at the battle map and say 'um no... this goes here, this there, that one off the cliff,...' etc. They'll be able to constantly rearrange all enemies and themselves (and allies if Tug Two Targets doesn't deal damage).
Venomous Grasp is also strong, giving you advantage, and them disadvantage. And it facilitates the relocation mechanic.
Evade looks good, nice defensive flavorful option. Evasion is still strong, but not problematically so.

From this, each feature is individually strong already, combining them all gives this weapon a crazy amount of battlefield control and flexibility.
If you're ok with this, then awesome! They're creative and flavorful items.

2016-08-25, 10:52 PM
Thanks for the comments! Edited a bit.