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2016-08-24, 05:54 AM
Hi all

So I need a battle mat. I really like the Chessex Megamat, which is the mat i have played on for the last 3 years (a friends). Its a nice size, allowing for huge complexes and it wipes down easily with a bit of water, or some alcohol hand rub if I leave markings on it for a few days. Turns out, though, that Chessex seems to have stopped selling in the UK. Everywhere I look its discontinued, except Amazon where its going for 57 + postage from JAPAN! Ebay isnt much better.

What are some UK battle mats of similar size, preferably vinyl. We are talking 34.5" by 48". I dont really know what to look for. Online ordering preferred.

Thanks guys

2016-08-24, 06:40 AM
Honestly I've got the exact same problem... and I'm in London! The place where you can buy almost anything, at any time of day.
Strangely enough battlemats are an exception.

2016-08-24, 01:33 PM
I got mine from Leisure games in London by mail order, or Amazon has several suppliers


2016-08-25, 11:18 AM
You could also try Dark Sphere in Lambeth - http://darksphere.co.uk/ , Orcs Nest near Cambridge Circus - http://www.orcsnest.com/ or Eclectic Games in Reading - http://www.eclecticgames.co.uk/