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Gr7mm Bobb
2016-08-24, 07:50 AM
Ok rip away here's my first attempt at a psionic feat for 5e. Trying to follow the model presented in the martial adept feat and the magic iniate feat. For those confused, the psionic disciplines aquired are from the Mystic (http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/psionics-and-mystic--take-two) that WotC presented in one of their unearthed arcana for 5e.

Prerequisite: Intelligence score of 13 or higher.

You gain a number or psi points equal to half your character level (rounded up). These psi points are used to fuel your psionic disciplines. You recover all spent psi points after completing a long rest. The maximum number of psi points you can use at a time is equal to your proficiency bonus.
You gain one psionic talent. Intelligence in your manifesting ability for this talent.
You gain one lesser psionic discipline. Intelligence is your manifesting ability for this discipline

Considering limiting psi pt maximum to 2 for non psionic characters because of the raw power this feat can give. Also trying to determine how unbalancing extra psi points are for already psionic characters.

Thank you for your consideration.

2016-08-24, 09:42 AM
Looks good. Given the low psi points and psi limit, I'm not sure you need to limit feat to lesser disciplines.

Gr7mm Bobb
2016-08-24, 10:54 AM
The limit was to give that taste of psionics like magic initiate gives a taste of magic. The mystic doesn't get greaters until a certain class level, so it felt appropriate. that and the mystic is able to swap known out for other, in a similar fashion as the Warlocks invocations. I appreciate the feedback.

2016-08-24, 01:27 PM
Like I said, I'm only not sure about it. I think tying the max psi to proficiency bonus is a good idea, but there's a just a taste feature built into that as wild talents will never be able to access the 7 point powers at all.

Then again, having just looked at version 2 of the mystic, I realized I'd misremembered every single discipline having a 7 point power, but some do actually have several 5 point powers, so your version is in fact "just a tastier." (Look, whatever, those are all real words in the english language.)