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2016-08-25, 04:05 AM
First Draft:

This is my first time trying to develop a system of my own. I'm aware it's probably hard to read, and there's not a lot of content (or context), as I'm just putting what I thought of down. Going for something a little more realistic than D&D but not overly complex. Trying to make combat dangerous through injuries but not overly lethal.
Any feedback or ideas (especially for new traits and other attack options) would be gladly appreciated :smallbiggrin:.

Bruno Carvalho
2016-08-25, 07:28 AM
I'm presenting comments based solely on what you published. So please pardon me if I touch something you plan to address later on on the development of your game.

a) On regards to Stats

First of all, Body is a super-stat. Body influences: To hit, To defend, Hit Points, Injury Penalties and Injury checks. In comparison, Agility influences only to hit and defend, and only if it is greater than Body. The random rolling of stats (simple 1d6 per stat and that's it) means that either you'll have to go in a very creative char creation (like DCC's lvl 0 funnel) or simply characters will be ranked in power by their Body Stat.

b) On regards to Attack/Defense Rolls

The way you set up may not seem like it, but it makes fights *really* favor the bigger character. For example, a character with "Bambam", who got Body 4, fighting an opponent called "Frango", with Body 2, got 63.69% chance to hit each attack, and only 24.94% chance to be hit. If they both got 8 hit points and each attack deals 2 damage, at the end of 5 attacks the best opponent will have over 40% chance of dealing 8 HP or more damage, while the lowest one will have only 1,55% chance of doing so (check table below). This gets worse the biggest the difference between opponents.

Dmg Bambam Frango
10 10,48% 0,10%
8 29,87% 1,45%
6 34,06% 8,74%
4 19,42% 26,30%
2 5,54% 39,58%
0 0,63% 23,83%

c) About Injury Location

You can aim (for some SEVERE penalties to hit) and decide where to put your Injuries. But what if you don't aim? Where do you place your Injuries? It is random? You don't say it in your document. If it is random, aiming becomes a terrible idea because lowering your to-hit chance by so much (lets say Bambam targets Frango again) goes down from 63.69% chance to hit to 36.31% chance to hit when aiming for the Head, while he could simply strike and have a 1/6 chance of hitting the head randomly. If it by default goes to Torso, there is no reason to give a -1 penalty for aiming on torso.

d) About Reckless Attack & Feint

Again, useless. You increase the damage by 1.5 while about HALVING your to-hit chance. 1.5 times 0.5 is equal to 0.75, so Reckless attack means you deal, on average, around 75% of damage in comparison to a normal attack. So, in median, it is quite a bad idea. On the other hand, Feint is situationally useful, because if you're Bambam attacking Frango, you have better odds if you use basic attacks, but if its Frango attacking Bambam, you have a SLIGHTLY better chance of hitting by Feinting.

2016-08-25, 06:37 PM
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, most if this is what I get for twenty minutes of brainstorming and an hour of writing.
a) I will be looking into that. Splitting Body into separate stats, like Str and Con.

b) Well, if Frango had decent Agility he might be able to be a bit more punchy, I don't expect one will have little of one and none of the other.
c) Injury locations are in the sentence above the injury penalties. Aimed attack doesn't seem too bad to hit wise, -1 to -3 on 3d6+1 to 6.

d) As above, -3 on 3d6+1 to 6 isn't crippling in my opinion. I'm thinking of making feinting better, idk.

Bruno Carvalho
2016-08-25, 07:42 PM
"-1 to -3 dont look so crippling"

I don't know if you're familiar with AnyDice, but here is the probabilities effect of taking a -1 to -3 modifier:

In case you don't know how to read it, Output 1 to 4 show two evenly-matched opponents fighting each other. They both roll 3d6+3 to attack and defense. 1 shows a basic attack, 2 shows an attack with -1 penalty, 3 shows an attack with -2 penalty and 4 shows an attack with -3 penalty. In each output, the first number shows the chance to miss and the second number, the chance to hit.

Output 5 to 8 shows what happens when the attacker is weaker (3d6+3 vs 3d6+5). The idea is the same as output 1 to 4. Lastly, outputs 9 to 12 shows what happens when the attacker is stronger (3d6+3 vs 3d6+1). Of course, if the skill difference is greater than 2 (either through bigger/lower stats or other bonuses/penalties) the effects are even greater.

2016-08-25, 11:48 PM
Thanks, I had not known about AnyDice. I'm not sure what to do about it, what do you suggest?

2016-08-26, 02:04 AM
Split up Body or combine other stats to have a fewer total of stats, with that each each stat becomes more important.