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2016-08-25, 03:03 PM
I thought of this idea awhile back, and finally decided to make it. If you guys have any fixes, or any recommendations, be sure to comment.
The Way of the Rippling Fist
At 3rd level, when using flurry of blows, you make three strikes rather than two. In addition, your normal punches gain the following effects:
You may spend one ki point to extend your punch up to 10 ft.
You may spend one ki point to use any liquid on your person as a projectile. This will be a 60 ft. ranged attack. Add your dexterity modifier+Proficiency modifier to hit. On hit, deal 1+Dex mod piercing damage.
You may spend one ki point to strike any nearby stable surface to detect movement within 30 ft. for 15 seconds as a bonus action.

Forced Ripple Breathing:
Starting at 6th level, you may channel the sun's energy into your body to heal one target within striking distance for up to three times your level as an action. You may use this feature once per long rest.

Starting at 11th level, you may spend an additional ki point to make your flurry of blows an overdrive, each of which does double damage against Undead. Chart below specifies effects of an overdrive. You can prepare 3 overdrives at the start of each long rest.

Overdrive Barrage:
Starting at 17th level, you may spend 3 ki points to make a second overdrive on your turn.

Overdrive chart:
Sendō Hamon Overdrive- You may strike an object the target is touching within 30 feet, dealing damage equal to one unarmed strike.

Scarlet Red Overdrive- Your flurry of blows is imbued with the power of flame. Your target takes an additional d4 fire damage, and has a 10% chance of being set on fire, and 15% starting at 17th level. While on fire, your target suffer 1D4 fire damage at the start of each of their turns until they extinguish the flames.

Turquoise Blue Overdrive- While underwater, your target takes 2x damage, and is blown back 20 ft.

Metal Silver Overdrive- You may strike a metallic object your target is touching, assuming they are within 30 feet of you. Doing so does damage equivalent to a Hamon Monk's normal flurry of blows. If the Overdrive makes contact with a non-metallic object, it fails and the target takes no damage. This overdrive may be used as a reaction.

Sunlight Yellow Overdrive- Using this Overdrive costs an extra ki point. Your fists are imbued with the power of the sun itself, changing your punches damage type to radiant. This Overdrive also grants 2 unique effects- you gain a fourth unarmed strike, and gain advantage on your attacks for the following round. You may use this Overdrive once per long rest.

Tornado Overdrive- You leap into the air and perform a spinning dive kick on one enemy within 60 ft. You roll at disadvantage on this attack, and do 4 Martial Arts Die + Dex mod damage on a hit. In addition, your opponent in knocked prone if they are Medium or Smaller.

Earthquake Overdrive- You make a series of strikes targeting your opponents vitals. This attack only does 2 Martial Arts Die damage, but crits on a 15+.

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